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It is amazing to own a tree. However, that amazing feat can be sour if it isn’t taken care of or is infected with a terrible disease. Trees are wonderful and ought to be given the utmost care. 

If you own a tree and you plan on taking care of it, contact the best tree surgeon Petersfield.

We can help you get the best of your tree. We offer services like tree pruning, branch trimming as well as tree removal.

Our satisfied clients have their tale to tell and the excellent services we provided. Only your fabulous review is missing from our list. Hire us today to take care of your tree and be rest assured of satisfaction! 

We are highly experienced and have been rendering tree surgery services for years. And over these years, we have successfully satisfied a lot of clients. You can only get a great job from an experienced tree surgeon. We are pros, hire us!

More so, we are ARB approved contractors. We’ve been accessed by the ARB and deemed fit to be one of the best tree surgeons in Petersfield.

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We are reliable, tidy and courteous. Count on us and we won’t fail you. Hire us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Surgery

Q: Do I need permission to have work carried out on my trees?

A: Yes. You need permission before work can be carried out on your trees.

You should consider the Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) when you plan on doing some work on your trees. 

More so, you can surf the net for those permissions or your tree surgeon can help you with getting the Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) permit.

Q: Why do I need to employ a tree surgeon?

A: It is essential to hire a professional tree surgeon when planning to work on your tree. This is because they are professionals and tree surgery isn’t something you should undertake all by yourself.

You should employ a tree surgeon because the work is very demanding and requires great skill and equipment. Ensure you hire one so that you won’t end up killing your tree.

Q: How much does tree surgery cost?

A:  The cost of tree surgery isn’t fixed as it varies. It depends on whose service you hire. You can be charged hourly, asked to pay a minimum charge or not.

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Most companies calculate their charge based on individual trees and every factor put in place for the tree surgery.

Q: When is the best time of year to have work done on my trees and hedges?

A:  The best time of the year to work on your trees is after leaf fall and before bud burst. This period is for a majority of trees, however, this is not true for all species.

If your tree is of a different species, we can help you with a written report and recommendation for your specific trees.

Q: How can I tell if I have a dangerous tree?

A: You should hire a qualified tree surgeon to help assess your tree to know if it is dangerous to both you and the environment.

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