What to Consider When Choosing a New Hot Water System?

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It’s fall already, and the water outside is freezing cold. Thanks to the new technology that created the hot water system, we don’t have to shiver in the shower anymore. You can set a comfortable water temperature while you are showering, washing dishes, or doing the laundry; However, hot water increases by up to 20% of your household energy cost. If you are thinking about changing your water geyser system without breaking the bank, then this post will help you.

So, if you are opting for replacing your hot water system, there are a few things to consider. But before you do, let’s take a look at some important points. When writing this post we got some professional insight from experienced plumbers for more information go to Little Pommie Plumber Hot Water Systems.

What are the Different Types of Hot Water Systems?

There are different types of water heaters in the market, and according to your household needs, you can go for one that suits you. Here have a look at the types of water geysers you can try

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Gas is a natural energy source that works as a fuel to water geysers. If you have a natural gas connection, you can go for this option as it is perfect for large families. Gas water geysers are more qualified in heating the water than their electric counterpart. 


Electric water geysers are cheaper than gas ones, and they cost less during the installation. However, electric water systems can be quite expensive to run for the long term. These water systems contain heating elements located inside the tank that helps in heating the water. These electric systems work like electric kettles that store the water inside the tank, and the tanks come in various sizes as they keep the water ready for use.


Solar energy is renewable and available anytime, and the solar hot water systems are also eco-friendly. They are efficient, but you need to install them in an area where the sun rays fall at their fullest every day. However, the solar systems also use gas or electric elements to work during cloudy or foggy days. Although solar systems are more expensive to buy and install, they provide a low energy cost if you choose the right product.

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Instant hot water systems only heat the water when you are in need, and you will choose the amount every time. They are instantaneous and take a few seconds to produce hot water from the tap. They come with a compact size and relatively easy to install than other hot water systems. This makes it cheaper than its competitors, as well. Also, unlike other water geyser options, they don’t run out when you are in the middle of something.

Consider Their Energy Efficiency

As we talked about the types of hot water systems, you will get an idea about their energy efficiency and costs. While choosing a water heater, look for the energy-star symbol that ensures your hot water at the lowest fuel possible. While shopping for a gas water system, look for its energy factor where you will find most of the things about its tank and energy efficiency. Generally, the higher the EE is, the more efficient a gas hot water system tends to be. Solar water systems provide 90% warm water and come with 5 stars or above ratings. Take time, but do research before purchasing a hot water system as you don’t want to pay for a whole lot of electricity or gas bills.

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Consider the Hot Water Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of your water geyser is the next thing to consider. The more people in your house, the larger storage you will need. If the water storage is too small for all of you, the more energy you will need for heating the water again and again. Instantaneous systems have storage capacity according to the hot water outlets in your bathroom or house. On the other hand, solar water storage systems are built according to your needs.

Now that you know all these things about What to Consider When Choosing a New Hot Water System, you can purchase one to treat yourself on cold winter days.

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