Christmas Is Just Around The Corner, Here Are Some Fun Ways To Entertain Around Your Pool!

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Christmas time is holiday time. It is the time of the year when families get together to celebrate and have a good time. There are different ways to enjoy the holiday season. An innovative and interesting way of doing this is by planning a pool party for Christmas. This is unique because a pool party for Christmas is not done generally. You can plan such a party and bring in friends and family members to have a great time. 

Why have a Christmas pool party?

People attend the usual parties indoors. A party outdoors by the pool is a different way of celebrating Christmas. If you have a heated pool with lighting around the pool, people can enjoy a great time at the party. All the reasons for having a pool party for Christmas are given below: 

Family and friends would be free during the holiday season. This is why parties are organized. Doing it by the poolside is a great idea. It will help ensure that everyone you invite turn up to enjoy such an innovative event.

When you have your party by the pool, you have it outdoors. This ensures you can call more people. Seating is also not a problem. An indoor party requires good seating. For an outside party, plastic chairs are sufficient. Anyway, most of the people will be in the pool.

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A party by the pool is more enjoyable. You can play music, organize games, and have more fun. Children will love such parties.

Your air-conditioning expenses will be high if you plan an indoor party. You will save this money with an outdoor party.

An indoor party is more formal, and you need to prepare formally. An outdoor party is more informal. You can use disposable plates and utensils. This saves you a lot of time in washing and cleaning up.

Planning a Christmas pool party

If you are planning such a party, here is how you can go about doing it.

You need a heated pool

Christmas can be a cold time to swim in the pool. You need a heated pool so guests can swim in the pool and enjoy a pleasant time. Planning a pool party without using the pool is no fun. Pool heating makes using the pool comfortable for your guests. If the weather is warm, then you may not require a heated pool. 

You need pool lighting

Pool lighting is absolutely essential if you want to swim in the dark. Lighting ensures there are no accidents in the pool. It avoids the unpleasant situation of people slipping and falling. With a party planned, you need the entire yard area to be lighted up. You either can have permanent lighting for the pool and the surrounding area or can get temporary lighting. 

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There are different options for pool lighting. You can have lighting around the pool. You can even have in the pool lighting that ensures the pool is completely lit up. Floating lights are another great option to consider. LED lights are the best type of lighting for your pool. They are energy efficient and will help reduce your power bill. You can even have color lighting installed. This will ensure you have a great party this Christmas. 

Get the pool cleaned up

Before the party, ensure the pool is cleaned up. Ensure the filtration pump is working properly. Clean the pool thoroughly before the party. You can get a pH level check done to ensure the pool chemicals are well balanced. This will avoid any problems for people with sensitive skin.

 Plan a party theme

Yes, this is a Christmas party! But you can make it more interesting by using a theme. It can be any kind of theme to enliven the party. You can have a Santa theme with a Santa Claus dressed up near the pool. The options are unlimited! A theme makes your party more interesting. 

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Get the supplies ready

You need supplies for the party. You need to keep them ready. Some of the things needed include: 

Decoration items.

Speaker to play music with a song playlist.

Materials needed for games.

Snacks and foods to serve guests.

Plates, cups, glasses, and other utensils (you can get disposable utensils to save on washing up later).

Candles to create a festive look.

Santa caps or other items for the guests.

Towel near the swimming pool and bath mats to ensure the entire deck doesn’t become wet. 

Entertaining the guests

No party will be enjoyable without entertaining. You can have a great pool party and entertain your guests with these ideas: 

  • Let the decoration be bright. You can keep a small Christmas tree outside. Use lots of décor elements and lights to make the place sparkle and look festive.
  • Plan games to keep everyone involved. Depending on the age of your guests, you can plan games. Ensure that there are games for everyone to play.
  • When you have games, you need gifts. Get some goodies to give the winners of the games.
  • Music can make the party more enjoyable. Select songs suitable to the theme of your party. Have a playlist ready and let everyone enjoy. Have a speaker with sufficient output volume. You can even have a mike and have an MC conduct the party events so it goes well.
  • Have a food serving area. People can take the foods they like and eat by the pool or wherever they want. Serve more finger food that is enjoyable and is not messy.
  • Keep drinks ready for the guests to enjoy. Put someone in charge of the foods and drinks table so that no one ends up going home hungry or thirsty.
  • Keep the deck area fully decked up for the party! That’s where most of the action will happen. You can even get artificial snow with a snowman to make things more fun.
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Different ways of making your Christmas pool party a success were presented in this article. The information will help you plan a great party this winter. Have fun with your Christmas party. 

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