5 Health and Wellness Tips for Busy Moms

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Busy moms sometimes neglect self-care, and that’s understandable. Being a mom can suck the time out of your day, but that’s okay. The following are five tips you can adopt right now that’ll help you stay healthy and well even though you’re always on the move.

1. Squeeze in More Exercise

One thing you can do for yourself is to squeeze some exercise into your day. Finding the time to do this can be difficult if you’re busy with your kids unless you incorporate your kids into the workout. Try to find activities that you can all partake in that require you to be active, like going for a hike or trying some indoor rock climbing. You can also try a little biking with your kids. You’ll be keeping your kids active, and they’ll have fun seeing that you’re having fun. You can also play video games with your kids that force you to use your whole body to play.

2. Always Stay Hydrated

It may not seem too important, but you need to stay hydrated, and that’s something busy moms can overlook. Water is always available, and sometimes, people can take that for granted, but don’t let that happen to you. Water helps you control your mood. It helps your skin stay moisturized, allows cells to function well, and much more. One way to drink enough water every day is to carry a portable water bottle around with you. A 30 oz tumbler keeps water cold all day, which should make drinking more appealing for you.

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3. Find Alternatives to the Junk

A busy mom might turn to junk at some point, and that’s no good. You need to figure out a way to eat on the go, and there are ways to do this. What you’ll have to do is find healthy alternatives to the stuff you like to grab to eat. For example, instead of a regular microwavable pizza, you can opt for a pizza you can microwave, such as a vegan one where the crust is made from cauliflower instead of bread. Instead of regular chips, why not purchase some dried kale chips or seaweed chips. Don’t buy sugar-stuffed sodas. You can buy kombucha drinks. Do the same with all your favorite go-to snacks.

4. Cut Things for Time

You need more time for yourself, but you probably feel like there’s no way you can make time for yourself. That’s okay. This is something most busy parents think. What’s surprising is that you can find some time for yourself if you’re a little more ruthless with how you spend your time now. For example, you can stop reading emails every few hours or stop calling friends or family members to check-in every day when once a week is more than enough. You can stop watching that one show you watch every day. Once you cut these activities from your day, you can use the time to do something to relax, like taking a bath or something similar.

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5. Use Supplements

You should consider taking your vitamins and minerals. A busy mom may not always get enough nutrients from food. The vitamins and minerals your body gets from food can do so much good for your body, but if you’re deficient, then you might be hurting yourself. Supplements make it easy for you to get what you need even on days when you didn’t have time to eat as well as you usually do. This is great for those days you had to run a lot of errands, or your kid had to go to the doctor.

Hopefully, these tips help you stay healthy and well even if you’re busy. You might not be able to adopt these tips overnight, but you’ll get used to them in time.

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