How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom Space

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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If you are looking to add an extra bathroom but your space is limited there are some clever tricks you can apply to make better use of the space. The main thing is to have a good plan. Decide what you want to do before you go and buy the pieces. And work things out on paper and see if you can make everything fit. The minimum you can do would be a powder room, which would be a room with a sink and a mirror. But you can usually get a toilet in as well. If you are clever you can do even more.

  • Wall Hung Toilet: Toilets take up a certain amount of space, but there are smaller ones available these days. In Sydney, bathroom renovations supplies can be found through an Internet search. There is wall hung toilets now that have their tanks partially in the wall, which does save you a little space.
  • Borderless Glass Curbless Shower: Much of the room that showers take up can be managed by trying new things. Many showers have wide bases intended to keep the water in. This can be done away with if you build your bathroom with quality tiles and drainage. Then you can use borderless glass walls, and maybe even just one glass wall if the shower is in a corner. The purpose of the glass then is just a divider between the dry and wet area of the bathroom. The glass will give the room the illusion of more space as well.
  • Shelves in Unused Spaces: It is wonderful to have some storage in a bathroom. Small bathrooms make this difficult, but it is possible to custom make shelves to fit into nooks and crannies and unused spaces, like the area beside the toilet or just above it.
  • Wall Hung Sinks: A big space hog in a bathroom is the vanity. If this is a small bathroom likely it isn’t where you are doing your morning ablutions. The vanity is usually just an item to hold your products conveniently close. If you are fine having your products elsewhere on a shelf you will save Some room, maybe enough to install a shower. If you install a wall hung sink, you will save a lot of space.
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There is a lot that can be done if you are determined to make it work. You could get some good ideas by researching bathrooms from tiny homes. A big master bathroom is a thing of beauty, but a second bathroom, is going to be much more useful when you have guests or if you have kids.

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