Latest trends for bathroom and cabinet refacing

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We all strive to build a house, and all our activities revolve around it. We get an education, go for higher studies, get married, expand the family, and cherish the same, and all this is for what? Within the house is where you express feelings, you learn to care, and compassion and health is the priority; Kitchen. Isn’t it so beautiful that you create and ensure the well-being of your family?

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the second place where you get rid of your all worries and kick-start a new day. Let’s find out the latest trends to renovate and reface the kitchen and bathroom. Your kitchen and bathroom deserve a new look and a sense of fresh ambience, so do you. Besides, it is not just about storage, and cabinet refacing is an essential part of adding a style while remodeling, whether kitchen or bathroom.

Stunning Bathroom Designs By Gemelli Design

To bring everything in sync and together, cabinetry is just like a crown jewel. Over the last few years, there has been a revolution in cabinet refacing and storage solutions. In this article, the latest trends are mentioned to help you choose the best for your next refacing and remodeling goal. Some of the hottest trends are ready to dominate the bathroom and kitchen cabinetry.

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1. Open shelving

You must have seen open shelves in some magazines, but it’s not a necessity. To get open shelves, you must possess some specialty pieces to place there for display. Otherwise, it’s of no use. However, with an expert and skilled cabinet refacing company, you can add a cutting-edge elegance for your bathroom and kitchen. As compared to closed wall cabinetry, open shelving is not only trendy but also has manifold benefits. It allows light and air and creates an impression of more space. You can pick the objects right away, and there’s no need to search things placed inside cabinet doors.

2. Color customization

It’s tough for modern homeowners to stay satisfied with conventional kitchen designs. They need unique designs, build their personality and character, and can be their style statement. To grasp attention, color is one of the most potent weapons. A different and trendy color combination can make you stand apart from the queue. It’s a limitless array of colors that you can choose from suiting perfectly in your bathroom and kitchen spaces.

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Stunning Bathroom Designs By Gemelli Design

3. Intelligent usage of Oak Wood

The marketplace is witnessing a trend of Oak Wood use these days. During the 1970s, Oak Wood cabinetry was the first choice of customers. With time, the alternative of engineered wood diminished construction of oak wood. But not, as the homeowners are leaning more towards vintage and classic looks, the use of Oak Wood cabinetry is back in trend. The best think about oak wood is that its dimension, neutral color, and texture can easily blend with the balance to reface any space. It’s versatility, simplicity, and conventional rustic makes it trendy and the first choice among homeowners.

4. Transitional styling

Transitional styling can never get old or out of trend. You can dabble in trendy designs without even getting away from the sophistication of the traditional appeal. Combine whatever you like and get a masterpiece for your home spaces. It is not new when it is about kitchen cabinetry. A diverse range of styles is available in different degrees. If you want something classy yet comfortable, transitional styling is perfect. With a transitional styling, you get contemporary minimalism, but traditional styling appeal is never left behind.

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5. Clean Aesthetics

Modernization wave has not even spared kitchen cabinetry. Cabinet and refacing solutions vastly influence home décor. The most common impacts of modernization are clean aesthetics in the construction of bathroom and kitchen cabinetry. At present, the cabinets are free from ornamental designs and other works as it was found in conventional styles of doors. Current cabinet refacing features a panel door that is recessed. It has a smooth edge and clean and simple lines. Such kind of appeal offers the simplest elements of designs. The handles are now available in low profile without demanding much attention. The clutter of traditional models is brought down to a bare minimum. Modern bathrooms and kitchens blend perfectly with such kind of cabinetry. It also compliments other components such as backsplash and the countertop.

In other words, since the last few years, there has been a lot of changes that cabinet refacing has witnessed. An extraordinarily rapid and drastic change in people’s tastes and preferences has given birth to innovations. Innovations have furthered the trend of presenting the most excellent and advanced options to beautify your bathroom and kitchen space. Sustaining classic and simplistic touch, you will get some unique and personalized solutions from a solid cabinet refacing company at budgeted rates.

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