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Centerpiece - Hanging decorations

Want to receive with great pomp for the end of the year holidays? I propose you to do this, some ideas center tables easy to do yourself to impress friends and family who will then be happy to sit down!

Before starting, I would advise you to establish a theme to give your Christmas decor to harmonize all your touches of decor in the house. (White Christmas, Vintage Christmas, glamorous Christmas, etc.). To inspire you, I also invite you to discover my post on the decorative trends for the Christmas table and the one on the decorations of the fir tree !

Good preparations and good festive DIY!

Modern bouquet

Centerpiece - cranberry and amaryllis vases

Use clear glass vases of the same or different shapes and sizes, you decide. Pour in the bottom of these fresh cranberries.

Place in the center of the vase red amaryllis (natural or synthetic), which you will cut the stem at the same height as the top of the vase in which it is located. Surround your vase with a red ribbon and make a beautiful bow in which you can come lover a branch of fir.

Little decorating trick

In deco the odd numbers are our allies! Then place 1, 3 or 5 vases on the center of your table.

Scandinavian style candlesticks

Centerpiece - Foam candles and two-tone pots

Place flower foam cubes in small pots (available at florists and $ 1 stores). Make sure that the foam comes a little lower than the edge of the vase so you can put the decor afterward.

Once the foam cube is in place, press a long candle into its center. Decorate all around the candle to hide the foam cube.

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You can use lichen or another kind of natural or synthetic plants, fruits, Christmas balls, casseroles, coarse salt, fake snow, etc.

All you have to do is turn on the candles once your guests are settled.

Chic poinsettias

Centerpiece - flowers

Who would have thought that poinsettias could look so modern and chic? To make this centerpiece, rinse and simply keep your glass bottles (eg sparkling water) taking care to peel off the label. When the time comes, buy a big poinsettia (potted) at the supermarket, at the garden center, or at a florist, no matter the color. Cut small individual branches, and place them in the bottles filled with water, aligned on the table (again, preferably in odd numbers). You can even use your poinsettia as a complement to the decor! To complete this simple look, it is also possible to attach a beautiful ribbon with festive colors to each bottle.

Simple Terrarium

Centerpiece - Terrarium

For this terrarium style centerpiece , nothing is easier. Get a clear glass bell high enough to place inside a small bouquet (decorative stores or kitchenware) and a glass vase. Place water and a small fir branch in the vase. Cover everything with the bell. Easy, right?

Not only for the tree

Centerpiece - balls

And perhaps the simplest idea of ​​all: fill a beautiful serving bowl of assorted Christmas balls … For best results, however, a few tips: be limited to one color, or a few colors selected. Think not only about colors, but also shapes, size, and textures (for example, some smooth balls, others covered with brilliants, etc.), so that the whole is visually interesting. Note that many stores now offer Christmas decorations by collection, which makes the selection very easy, since we know that everything we buy “goes together”.

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Recycled vases

Centerpiece - Recycle Bottles

I love when objects are recovered and diverted from their primary function. If you have kept glass bottles, it’s time to take them out!

Make some labels on which you write a few words describing for you the atmosphere of the holidays and hang them at the neck using a string of cotton or raw string, according to the desired style. Place branches, flowers, etc.

Little trick

If your bottles are small enough, you could use them as a placemark by inscribing the name of your guests on the labels!

Mason jars

Centerpiece - Mason Jars

It’s crazy all you can do with Mason jars ! For this centerpiece, dress your pots Masson cocotte, fir branch, holly all tied with a piece of raw string (to go with the natural look of this centerpiece). Place some foam in the bottom of the pot and come to put a candle warm flat in the center.

Candles and cranberries

Centerpiece - Cranberries

If you have clear glass vases, use them, regardless of their shape or size. Otherwise, you can get them easily in decoration stores (type Bouclair) or even stores at $ 1. Then place large white pillar candles (which can also be found in the same places).

A few hours before the party, pour fresh cranberries that you have bought at the grocery store, right down to the middle of the vase – be careful that they do not get too close to the flame. Note that frozen cranberries should not be used for this centerpiece as they will create condensation in the vase and wilt as they thaw. You can use a single large vase placed in the center of the table, or to have several different heights, for a more interesting effect. Note that in this case, odd numbers are your allies (3 medium vases, or 5 small ones, for example).

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Snowy lantern

Centerpiece - Snowy Lantern

If you have small metal lanterns, this centerpiece idea is for you! All you will need to do is get fake snowflakes (art dealer stores, home decor shops, Canadian Tire) that you will spread around your lanterns on the table. Of course add a candle to warm your decor! You can also deposit in the fake snow some ornaments reminiscent of the color of your lantern to put the finishing touch.

Naturally chic

Centerpiece - Candlesticks

Select candle holders of different shapes and sizes. Place them in a tray that you garnish with Christmas balls, fir branches or other ornaments. Select some casseroles, whose ends you will have painted with white acrylic paint to give them a frosty look. Place on the candle holders. That’s it !

A little trick: Try to unify your installation by color. For example glass and silver candlesticks or white and red. Do the same for Christmas balls to achieve a harmonious result.

Alice in Wonderland

Centerpiece - stack of cups

To make it look in your old dishes. You could use a soup plate, a bowl, a saucer and a cup. Use a hot glue gun or epoxy glue to glue a candle holder (fairly thin, not too tall and the same color as the dishes if possible) between each plate, bowl and cup to create floors. Once everything is dry, place Christmas balls or treats of the color of your work. 

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Rustic revisited

Centerpiece - Vintage Hanging Decoration

No place on the table? Hang your decor on top of it. During a walk, take the opportunity to pick up a nice branch of dry wood, which you hang on top of your table. All you have to do is hang some ornaments on the theme of your holiday decor.

Tip: When hanging your branch, allow a clearance of at least 30 inches between the hanging decorations and the top of your table. Thus, your guests will not bang their heads in your installation.


Centerpiece - sweets

Photo credit: Country Living

Take out your fruit compotes and place them in one another (you can put some blue eraser to make sure to hold the foot), to create a tower, or use your dishes service three floors. Then place a variety of traditional holiday sweets: candy canes, peppermint round candies, streaky square candies, red and green jujubes, and more. Finally add several small candles around.

If you do not have suitable serving dishes, you can keep the same idea and place the candies for example in several stemwares (wine glasses, cognac, martini, etc.) of different sizes and sizes. heights, spread harmoniously on the table.

Natural decoration

Centerpiece - Hanging decorations

Another hanging decor to save space on the table. This one, simpler is adorned with natural ornaments. Thus ribbons of fabric, ornaments of wood, glass and wool, will cling to the branch for a soft effect.

All I have to do is wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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