What Should You Check Before Going for Replacement Cabinet Doors?

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If you’ve been in your home for very long, you’ve had to replace a few cabinet doors throughout the years. While some damage is more challenging to detect than others, it’s always best to go into this home improvement project with your eyes open and a checklist at the ready. In this article, you’ll go over things you should check before buying replacement cabinet doors

Consider Price

Replacement cabinet doors are relatively inexpensive, but there is always some variation in pricing like any furniture. Paying for quality might be worth it in the long run if you end up not having to replace them soon after. Consider also that well-made doors will generally last longer than low-quality ones and may require less maintenance.

Determining Door Size

It means considering where on your kitchen or bathroom walls you want to place them and then measuring both opening sizes and wall measurements to ensure that you can fit your new cabinet doors within your current space limitations.

Measure the Existing Cabinets

Measure your existing cabinets and plan how much space you want between each door and then take that measurement with you when shopping for replacement cabinet doors. 

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Give yourself at least an inch of clearance for removal purposes as well as light, air, and water flow. Remember that there is variation in sizes from brand to brand, so it’s vital to double-check which size you’re ordering before finalizing any order. Remember that there will be an additional fee for cutting them down when it comes to custom-made cabinet doors.

Consider Styles

When selecting doors for your kitchen, you should first consider style. For example, some styles of cabinet doors are contemporary, cottage style, and rustic. Your kitchen will have its color palette and style that should work well with whichever door you pick.

Contemporary replacement cabinet doors are usually all white or have brushed metal on them. This type of door works well in an all-white kitchen with many other elements to add color to it. 

Rustic is made from wood planks nailed together without much ornamentation. This type of door suits kitchens that already have wood planks and don’t need to worry about adding too much decoration with their cabinets.

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Check the Weight

The weight of your replacement doors should be measured and checked. It will help you figure out whether they are heavy enough for your kitchen cabinets. If they are too light, you might want to consider choosing something heavier like wood instead of glass, laminate, or metal. If they are too heavy, then it won’t be easy to open them with one hand.

Note:  Make sure that you are not getting doors that are too heavy or too light. There is nothing worse than opening your cabinets and finding out that they do not close because of how heavy or light they are.

Check Door Finish

Check if any of your doors have paint damage, nicks, and scratches. If there are too many of them, you might need to go for replacement cabinet doors instead. Ensure that you also check their finish to see if they have been exposed to abrasive materials that would wear them off. It is an essential factor because you do not want to be chipped and cracked door faces on your new cabinets.

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Buy From a Reputable Company

Researching companies with positive reviews and choosing someone with experience will give you peace of mind. Some trusted companies may offer at least a five-year warranty on their products. It’s also essential to get something that matches your kitchen decor because one of the many reasons for getting replacement doors is to enhance or change up your kitchen decorating style.

Check Durability and Resistance to Wear

The best doors will be made of wood, and they should not warp or crack. Make sure that the door has an opaque finish since clear coats may peel over time. In addition, make sure that your replacement doors can resist liquids, insects, and even temperature changes.

Consider Your Budget

Price plays a vital role in buying replacement doors. The price will depend on what type of doors you are looking for and where you purchase them. 

For example, if you are looking for simple style doors with color as their main detail, you can find them at an affordable price at hardware stores online. It is imperative to consider the budget before purchasing replacement cabinet doors as it could make or break your kitchen’s overall design and functionality.

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With all these considerations in mind, you can’t go wrong in choosing cabinets. Whether you’re looking for something unique to compliment your style or aiming for a budget-friendly option, there’s something out there that will work for you.

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