7 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Carpet Purchase 

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There are numerous options you could choose for your home’s flooring options. You can go for a carpet, hardwood, or tiles. Moreover, if you’re living in a place with a colder climate, having a carpeted floor would be the best option for your home as it can help keep the warmth and provide comfort for your feet. However, having a carpet might be expensive, especially if you have a vast floor area.  

When going carpet shopping, you should always try to look for ways to save money. For instance, although having a high quality velour play carpet would be a great thing to have in your patio, you should make sure to get it at a great price, one that could save you some bucks.

Here are some doable ways you can save money the next time you buy a carpet:

Look For Direct Suppliers 

Shopping for carpets at your favorite home store might be expensive as there’ll be an additional price that you need to pay for. While they can help provide convenience, it would help you save money if you purchase carpets from direct suppliers. However, you need to manage your expectations as they’re not usually available in every area, making it hard for you to look for one.  

You can ask friends and family if they know of a direct supplier of good-quality carpets. This way, you can skip paying big companies and just pay for the sole price of the carpet. Along with this, you might also want to look for a carpet installer to ensure professional work. 

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Wait Until Fall 

If you’re not in a hurry to purchase a new carpet right away, you should wait until fall, wherein most retailers will put their products on sale to make room for new designs in spring. Ideally, you should stand by until October and December, and anticipate clearance sales that’ll pop up in stores.  

As you wait until fall, anticipate that you’ll be saving plenty of money to allot for other important house renovations. However, prepare yourself for the style choices and don’t anticipate trendy designs as they’re usually warehouse stocks.  

Explore Carpet Stores 

To know the best carpet deals, you should explore as many carpet stores as possible, and this might include making a trip around your state. Ideally, you shouldn’t miss out on any carpet store that you come across, no matter how unpopular it might be on the market. You might never know what good deals you might find inside!

As you explore numerous carpet stores, you should list down all of the prices, styles, and materials that catch your attention. Through this, you can further evaluate which kind of carpet would be best for your budget.  

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Carpet Purchase

Purchase Quality Carpets 

While purchasing quality carpets may sound expensive at first, they’re an investment worth making. With quality carpets, you may be needing to spend more than regular carpets you can find at cheap stores. However, they’ll be able to benefit your home in the long run as you don’t have to constantly worry about repairs and replacements as these can serve you well in the long run.

When purchasing a carpet, ensure that it matches the needs of your home. This way, you can fully maximize its lifespan, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase.  

Explore Fiber Options 

Carpets have various fiber options that you could choose from. Moreover, nylon is one of the most popular synthetic fiber options, especially that it’s extremely durable and resilient. However, with the great benefits, nylon can be very expensive, not making an ideal choice for your limited budget.  

Moreover, polyester is the best option if you’re looking for a middle-priced carpet as it can provide enough durability that should last your home for years. Along with this, it’s stain-resistant, making it a great option if you have kids that are more prone to causing spillage on your floor.  

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If you’re looking for the cheapest option, you can never go wrong with an olefin (polypropylene). However, this is preferable to use with low-traffic areas as it’s not extremely durable and resilient. But, if you’re looking to update your carpet every year, going for olefin would be a reasonable choice.  

Don’t Skimp On The Underpad 

While it may sound illogical to spend more on your carpet’s underpad, but the lifespan of your carpet can highly depend on this. Even with the cheapest carpet material, a good underpad can allow your floor to last longer, eliminating any immediate need for replacements and repairs.  

When choosing an underpad, ensure that you prioritize durability over anything else. Moreover, you should pick the most durable one you can afford and consider having a less expensive carpet. Some manufacturers offer memory foam features or extended warranties. While those may be nice to have, you don’t really need them, as they’ll only make you feel better and not really increase your carpet’s lifespan.  

Ask For Price Inclusions 

Before you buy your ideal underpad and carpet, you should first ask the company for the price inclusion for your purchase. They might ask for an additional fee for installation, removal, door adjustments, and transport. With those things, you might want to consider looking for ways to cut them out so you can truly save up with your purchase.  

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If you know how to install carpet yourself or know of someone who can do it for a fair fee, you should consider hiring them instead. Moreover, if you have a pick-up truck that can fit a carpet, you should try to transport them yourself. However, you need to be cautious about weather conditions as rain could damage your carpets.  

Ideally, you should always ask the carpet store which inclusions you can omit or get for a lower price, allowing you to save as much as possible.  


Carpet shopping can be costly, especially if you’re planning to use carpets in your entire household. With that, it’ll only be wise to constantly look for ways to save money as they don’t come at low prices. Moreover, one significant way you can save money in the long run is by purchasing quality materials that’ll last you long. This way, you can eliminate frequent repairs and replacements, which can be costly. 

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