How to Choose the Perfect Carpet for Your Home


The carpet from a certain room totally changes the image, the aspect, the design and the atmosphere. As an adequate carpet can add value to your house, an inappropriate one may create a discrepant tone with the design you chose.

Here are some useful tips that will help you choose the perfect carpet.

The dimension of the carpet

Before buying a new rug make sure the size and the dimensions fit the surface of your room. It is not recommended to buy a very large carpet if your room is small or if you have a large room your carpet shouldn’t be very small. In general, it should not exceed half of the room’s size. Equally important is that the furniture must not cover the rug.

The type of carpet

Most important types of carpets are: those from natural fibers, those that imitate leather, and wool and acryl ones. Depending on the material used on making them, they can have different properties: antibacterial, with antislip elements, anti-fungus, etc.  Try to choose a qualitative product that will help you have a clean house.

The color

Before buying a rug, choose a design for your home. Think of all the decorative objects you’d like to purchase in the future, take into account the colors in your house, taking great care of creating a special contrast with the nuances you chose.

Types of flooring

If you have a dark floor, it is recommended to buy a carpet with lighter tones, but if you have a floor in light shades (cherry, beige, white) you should opt for a darker nuance. The discrepancy between the rug and the floor will create a nice atmosphere in the living room or in the bedroom, no matter the design.



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