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The Benefits of Planning a Glass Extension for Your Home

Are you looking for an elegant way to add more space without having to worry about constructing a new building? Well, a glass extension might be your best option. Besides adding more space into your home, you also get that exquisite view of the outside world. GlasSpace specialises in the design and construction of structural glass extensions across the UK. Whether you want them for functionality or aesthetics, their glass extensions are the smartest method for getting more space into the home. Let’s highlight the benefits of getting these glass extensions in your home or premises.

The Extensions Increase the Value of Your Property

If you are thinking about selling your home, then this could be the wisest investment that you make. It is a great way to increase the home’s perceived value instantly. This is because most people love homes with extra space and light. As a homeowner who wants to sell their property, having white, bright walls and large windows that flood your home with natural light will instantly give you a competitive edge against other properties for sale.

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You Get More Space without Altering the Beautiful Views

The glass extensions are great for adding more space to your home. Using the extensions, you can make your house look bigger and brighter. Besides space, you’ll be able to enjoy an even more panoramic view than you did before because a glass extension allows more natural light to stream in. The extensions also allow you a beautiful view of your garden and landscaping. While talking of stunning views, you can’t imagine how beautiful it is to see the rain droplets on the other side of the glass. To minimise the extent of the sunshine and rains, you can include some skylights or a loft conversion above the glass extension roof.

It enhances Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

According to research, glass extensions can improve the energy rating of your property, as they provide better insulation. This is because glass extensions are filled with air or inert gas and do an excellent job of insulating your home against extreme temperatures. Following this efficiency, you spend less on energy bills. Your home enjoys a great temperature and ambience.

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They Bring Style and Elegance to Your Home

Glass extensions come in various colours, including clear, white, beige, and black, which makes them versatile for all areas of your home. With these extensions, you can quickly achieve class, sophistication, and elegance in your home. They look and feel good for your interior and exterior design. You only need to check your home’s style and align that to your choice. It helps you eliminate cluttering your home.

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Glass Extensions Make Your Home More Quiet, Peaceful, and Serene

Glass extensions reduce the noise coming into your premises. They make a huge difference, especially if you live near the main road as they reduce traffic sounds. It is very easy to make your home more quiet, peaceful, and serene with these extensions. As you have them installed, engage a professional for assistance.

How to Choose the Best Glass Extensions

Glass extensions are a perfect way of extending the living space of your home. They bring in lots of natural light and a beautiful view and feel for any room. If you are planning to have one, there are a few aspects you should quickly check to ensure that you find the right glass extensions. Let’s take a quick sneak peek. 

  • Consider the weather in your area 
  • Pick between a tempered and non-tempered glass extension based on your home’s location
  • Install a fire-resistant glass extension if you intend to include a fireplace nearby
  • Check the size of the extensions based on the available space
  • Consider the ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Assess the security features of the glass extensions (you can add secondary glazing or add an alarm system)
  • Check the glass extension’s durability
  • Enquire about all the licenses you need to install a glass extension
  • Get a precise plan for the glass extension before you can begin
  • How you intend to furnish and decorate your glass extension
  • Ensure that the extensions are designed and installed by professionals
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A glass extension is a great way to increase the natural light in your home, and it can be used in any style of architecture. As you select one, you will have plenty of options, and you can pick your most preferred idea based on your home’s style and aesthetics. You can engage a professional glass extensions installation expert to help you find the most suitable fit for the home.

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