Contemporary Yet Elegant Home In Lincoln, Massachusetts

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This impressive 2014 project was designed by Flavin Architects, and it represents a fabulous mid-century abode that can be found in LincolnMassachusetts. The residence features an instantly recognizable mid-century design that reminds of Walter Gropius’ own home from the 1940s, which is why it boasts deep overhangs as well as exposed wooden beams.

Other significant details include an open floor plan, low pitched roofs and generously-sized windows that help link the residence with the surrounding natural environment by blurring the limits between the indoors and outdoors. Inside, the abode is an epitome of modern luxury that features a remarkable mix of gray, white and pale blue elements complemented by warm, brown tones of wood.

Contemporary appliances, comfortable seating arrangements, a fireplace and impressive lighting systems can also be found within, and they all contribute to a sense of comfort, elegance and sophistication that can impress at a glance.

From the Flavin Architects:

This remodel of a mid-century gem is located in the town of Lincoln, MA a hot bed of modernist homes inspired by Gropius’ own house built nearby in the 1940s. By the time the house was built, modernism had evolved from the Gropius era, to incorporate the rural vibe of Lincoln with spectacular exposed wooden beams and deep overhangs. The design rejects the traditional New England house with its enclosing wall and inward posture. The low pitched roofs, open floor plan, and large windows openings connect the house to nature to make the most of its rural setting.

Photos by Nat Rea

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