5 Things to Look for in Your Winthrop, MA, Home

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The housing market in Winthrop, Massachusetts, is hot right now. If you live there and you’re trying to get top dollar for your house, you might consider putting it on the market. If you’re considering moving to this area, make sure you have the money for a down payment and financing in place if you don’t have the full asking price to pay a seller.

Anyone looking at homes in Winthrop will probably want some particular features. Not all buyers want exactly the same thing. You’ll likely look for homes based on how many family members you have and other factors as well.

Let’s talk about some of what you might look for in a Winthrop home. Some houses in the area have the following features, while others may not.


As you look at houses for sale in Winthrop, MA, you’ll probably check out the square footage. If you have quite a large family, you probably can’t use a tiny home where you’ll have to stack everyone on top of each other.

After square footage, you might look at how many bedrooms each house has. Every time you want to buy a new home, you should make a list that has things on it you feel you absolutely need. The bedroom number is probably on that list at the very top.

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For instance, if you have five kids and a spouse, and a house only has two bedrooms, you probably can’t make that work. You can always look at other rooms that you might convert to bedrooms, though. Maybe you can make a dining room or den into another bedroom if you must.


Bathrooms matter just as much as bedrooms when you’re looking at Winthrop homes. Maybe you’ve lived in apartments up till now, and you no longer want to share the same tiny bathroom with several family members.

You’ll likely want a multiple-bathroom home. Maybe you’ll tell your real estate agent to find you a house in the area with two full bathrooms, minimum. Perhaps you’ll feel okay with one bathroom and one half-bathroom. Full bathrooms have showers or tubs, while half-baths come with just a toilet.

Only some Winthrop houses have more than one full bathroom, so you might narrow down your search using just this criterion. You might make your selection for this reason alone.

A Garage

Many Winthrop homes have garages, but not all of them do. If you own a vehicle, or more than one, you’ll likely want a garage. Maybe you’re not willing to buy a home in the area if you don’t have the dedicated parking space that a garage gives you.

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You might find a house with no garage, but you can build one. If so, you’ll need to factor in that cost. You must also make sure if you contact the city that you can get a permit to build a garage.

Most people won’t feel like a house with no garage isn’t worth buying, but some might. With the harsh Massachusetts winters, you may feel like you need that garage so you don’t leave your car out in January or February when a snowstorm can completely bury it.

Public Transportation Access

If you do not have a car, or you don’t like to drive all the time, you might look for a Winthrop home that’s close to one of the major bus lines. Buses service a lot of Winthrop, and you may need that bus access to get to work every day.

If so, you won’t want to buy a home where you must walk a considerable distance to get to the nearest bus stop. You can always contact an Uber or a Lyft to come get you, but that gets expensive quickly, so public transportation might feel important to you.

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Noteworthy Places Nearby

You might also look not just at the house itself and its features but also around it. You may want to know about the public schools close by if you have kids. Do they have strong reviews from parents and educators?

You might look for things to do nearby, like movie theaters, bowling alleys, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and so forth. You may want to see any nearby music venues. You’ll want a grocery store nearby as well.

Many Winthrop homes sit close to such options, but not all of them do. Make sure to pick one that’s close to whatever else you prioritize.

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