6 Tips for an Easy Interstate Move

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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We all know that moving can be an incredibly stressful experience. There are so many moving parts to coordinate, whether it be the organizing, packing, moving, or unpacking. It’s no wonder the process is usually exhausting, even if you’re just moving a few houses down or to the other side of your neighborhood.

However, an interstate move is a whole other kind of challenge. Not only do you have to find a new home from a distance, but you also have to travel for longer periods to move all your belongings. Plus, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic remains a concern across the world, you may need to familiarize yourself with new regulations in the state you’re moving to.

Fortunately, there are some handy tips and tricks you can use to make your interstate move a breeze. 

1. Hire a Removal Company

Everyone has heard the phrase “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” However, when it comes to making sure you have a smooth move, we actually recommend doing the opposite. While you can always ask friends or family to help you move, we advise that you enlist some professionals.

When you hire a professional moving company, you’ll reap a host of rewards. For one, you’ll save time and energy on moving your belongings yourself. The process will also likely be far more efficient since the movers do this for a living. Above all else, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your items have been professionally packed and moved with care by a team of experts.

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If you’re planning an interstate move out of the Sydney region, be sure to check out Smooth Moves. These experts specialize in house removals Sydney and service a long list of Sydney suburbs, from Alexandria to Surry Hills. No matter how big or small, how far or close your move is, they can handle anything you throw at them.

2. Start As Early As Possible

Maybe you don’t have the funds to hire removalists to help you with every step of your move. Thankfully, there are still strategies you can use to make your move much easier. If you’re going to be doing the sorting, packing, and moving yourself, the first thing you’ll want to do is start as early as possible.

Starting early gives you plenty of time to plan, prepare, and organize the logistics of your move. It also gives you the chance to think of back-up or contingency options in case an unexpected hurdle arises during the process. Plus, doing everything all at once is a sure way to drive yourself crazy; starting early and spacing out your moving tasks will preserve your sanity.

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3. Label Fragile Items

Your fragile items – such as glassware, dishware, wedding china, and vases – need extra care and attention. This is especially true when they are going to be transported long distances, which is an inevitability during an interstate move. With that in mind, pack them carefully in boxes and add bubble wrap or padding around the items to protect them. After that, be sure to clearly label every single box containing fragile objects so the people moving the boxes will know to take extra care. Doing so will ensure your precious valuables don’t come out cracked or broken on the other side of your interstate move.

4. Declutter As Much As You Can

You can make your move much smoother by decluttering. As you prepare to pack your belongings, set up three types of boxes labelled keep, toss, maybe. Go through everything you own and put your items in the appropriate boxes depending on what you’d like to do with them.

If you have a hard time getting rid of things, try asking yourself some of the following questions to assist with the process:

  • When was the last time you used or wore this item?*
  • Is it still useful to you?
  • Does it serve a purpose in your life?
  • Do you still like this item?
  • Will it work or fit inside your new home
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*If it was more than three months ago, it’s probably time to say goodbye. The exception to this rule would be any items for seasonal use, such as a snowblower.

5. Don’t Skimp On Moving Boxes

Moving can be an expensive endeavor, and it might be tempting to go to your local grocery store or Salvation Army to grab some cheap (or free) moving boxes. As attractive as this option may seem, we recommend resisting the urge. Instead, invest in high-quality moving boxes from legitimate moving companies. These boxes will be able to better withstand heavier weight and adverse weather conditions without wearing and tearing. While it may cost you more up front, the investment is worthwhile for the peace of mind you’ll gain as a result.

If you’re wondering where to find the best moving boxes, you can check out a full list of the best moving boxes for 2021 by clicking here.

6. Create a Game Plan

When moving day arrives, you want to be as prepared as possible to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. A key factor for making this happen is to have a plan for the day. Write out what needs to be moved first, when your NYC movers are scheduled to arrive, how long your interstate drive will take, and where your belongings need to be placed. Having these details worked out in advance will help everyone understand their roles in the move. With this sense of structure and organization, you can be sure that the move will be efficient and easy.

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 While moving is often stressful, you can cut your worries in half with these helpful strategies. When you use these handy tips, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters, such as getting your current house ready to sell and spending time with loved ones before you head to your new state. Best of luck with your move!

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