5 Qualities That Make a Home Your Dream House

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Would you consider your house a home or a building? It is definitely a home, but is it a dream house? What would make it a dream house? For most people, this is a simple question. They would add a privacy fence or take one down—build a room or renovate another, build a garage or a greenhouse. But for a lot of these answers there are only 5 amenities that people want for their dream houses—and most of these are what end up defining it as their dream home too. 

Your Dream Home Should Pay You to Live There

At first, this quality probably does not make a lot of sense, but it will! Let us say that you have paid your mortgage for ten or even twenty years, you have spent a lot of money on your dream house. There is a way for your house to repay you. By getting a reverse mortgage, you can take a portion of the payments that you have made on the house and, in the version of a loan, get a lump sum of money.

After that, there is no payments until you move or pass away. This is a huge deal because you would be able to take that money and apply it to anything, from repaying debts to paying the next portions of your mortgage. Your dream home should give you options, even down the line. To find out what you could get, try out a calculator that helps you figure out how much money you would get, like https://reverse.mortgage/calculator.

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Your Dream Home Should Have Room for Everyone

Whether you have a large family of relatives or a child with 25 best friends, your dream home should be a place large enough to accommodate for the waves of people in your life. Often, this does not mean more rooms, but instead means more space.

A bigger yard, a bigger lot, a few acres of land, and you do not just have privacy, but you have enough room to hold parties, holidays, even weddings. Many children fall in love with their childhood home, so it is important that the home is big enough for all their life events and your plans.

Your Dream Home Should Let You Step Away from it All

This is important in two ways; (1) you should be able to relax when you are in it and (2) you should be able to be self sufficient within your property. In the first sense, your dream home is going to be the place in which you find solace and comfort after the stress of your job and life.

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There are many ways that you can achieve this in a home, for example building a sunroom or a natural glass room for relaxation. But it should also be a way for you to step away from society for longer periods of time. Many people immediately begin to explore gardening as a way to step away from the chaos of cities and social media—your dream home should let you do that. 

Your Dream Home Should Last Forever

You only ever really hear about dream homes being big, glorious buildings; usually these are made from cabin logs or molded rock or a combination of things. Really, the only thing that matters though, is that your dream home is able to last for the long term.

This includes everything from the wiring to the plumbing, the floors to the roofing shingles. It cannot be your dream home if you are constantly trying to fix broken pieces and parts. Further, you want your dream home to last because you will not want to leave it to your kids if it is in bad shape. 

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Your Dream Home Should Be Built by You

The luckiest of us will have the ability to build their dream home from the ground up. This means they can get every aspect in this list and more. These lucky people will have an important task a head of them though. They will build their home to be their dream house—and no other house will ever come close to matching theirs.

In this way, it is important that they leave their home in the best possible condition, because chances are, their children will want the home after they have passed. Of course, you can buy your dream home, but if you have the ability, you should build your dream house.

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