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Finished in 2009 by the skilled architects at Edward Fitzgerald Architects, the remarkable Oblio House is a perfect example of modern architecture that can be admired in Cedar CrestNew MexicoUSA. This 2-story masterpiece was constructed on a hillside and boasts an entrance at its second level.

The lower level is linked to the superior floor via a staircase and includes the kitchen area, the dining area, the master bedroom and the main living room. These parts of the house are linked to a terrace that opens up to the picturesque landscape encircling the property.

Apart from its great looks and comforts, the Oblio House is also noteworthy for its self-sufficient technologies, which include photovoltaic roof panels that ensure enough power for the heated floors and other energy requirements. Furthermore, landscape irrigation is achieved thanks to a series of water collecting facilities that are placed underneath the home itself.

Photos by Robert Reck

From the Edward Fitzgerald Architects:

“Oblio House in Cedar Crest, New Mexico is a study of intersection between circulation and topography.

Built on a steep hill, the design organizes the house on two levels that step down the site to the main living spaces that open onto a terrace.

Entrance is from the upper level, passing in between two walls acting as a curtain between two worlds. Once inside, circulation doubles back in the opposite direction revealing views of the private natural sanctuary and accessing the guest quarters, study loft and bathroom.

The lower level is accessed by stairs that are aligned on axis with South Mountain.

This axis intersects the orthogonal geometry of the lower living area. The lower level contains: open living / dining / kitchen area; utility and master bedroom suite. These areas open onto a terrace that steps down into the natural private landscape that surrounds the house.

The house is constructed of polished concrete floors, insulated concrete forms (ICF), and recycled wood stud framing. Exterior finishes are stucco and rusted metal roof and wall panels.

The house utilizes passive solar photovoltaic and hot water roof panels for electricity and in-floor heating. Rain water is collected into underground cisterns for landscape irrigation.”

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