6 Tips On Lowering Energy Bills With Help Of Electrician

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The modern world comes with many comforts along with high living expenses. This holds true for energy bills as well, which has seen a steady rise over the years. This is an area of concern for most homeowners, perhaps including yourself. What you may not know, however, is that it is possible to reduce your energy bills with the right guidance and expertise in your corner. This blog aims to provide this guidance by offering these 6 powerful tips on cutting down energy bills with the aid of a certified electrician.

6 Tips On Lowering Energy Bills With Help Of Electrician

1. Consult with a “licenced electrician” before implementing anything

If you are planning on adding something new to your home’s electrical system, such as an appliance or something more intensive, it is best to consult a licensed electrician. There are two excellent reasons to do so. First and foremost, a licensed electrician will thoroughly inspect your electrical circuit to check if there are any hidden problems or faults that might shoot up your energy bills when you add a new device. 

Secondly, they might offer some tips and tricks on how to add your new device without draining an exorbitant amount of electricity. No longer do you have to worry about hidden electricity leaks that consequently inflate your energy bills. With a simple consultation with a licensed electrician, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Moreover, you can also ensure that any new electrical additions to your household don’t cause any problems in the future. 

2. Implement a regular maintenance schedule

Even if you are not planning on adding a new appliance, it is paramount to hire an electrician to inspect your electrical circuits from time to time. In fact, it is ideal if it is a regular, scheduled maintenance. You might be amazed at how some small faults or problems can cause major inefficiencies in your electrical system. 

For instance, many old properties still use iron-core lighting transformers, which are extremely inefficient in terms of energy as they release a lot of heat. Similarly, a grimy or dirty exhaust fan can create an extra load on your electrical system and drive up your energy bills. However, the most important reason to get scheduled maintenance is to check for old and faulty wiring. While they may not directly lead to a rise in electric bills, these frayed wires are susceptible to catching fire, making them a major hazard. Therefore, a visit from a qualified electrician ensures safety and savings.

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3. Making use of smart technology

The modern age has seen a rapid rise in smart technology. This type of technology can be put to good use in driving down energy bills. A great example is a smart thermostat. In most homes, temperature control is manual, and we all know that without careful monitoring, it can drive up the energy bills significantly. All these hassles can be easily avoided with a smart thermostat. It is a programmable thermostat that automatically controls the internal temperature in your house or commercial property. 

These smart thermostats employ a temperature sensor which helps them devise the ambient temperature of the room. Hence, it will help bring the room temperature up or down to the ideal range to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. 

This also means that your HVAC system is not overloading your electrical system, therefore your electric bills will not go through the roof during the summer and winter months.

4. Invest in “solar”

In countries where sunlight is abundant, switching to solar power is a no-brainer. Even in regions where the colder months see little to no sunlight, solar power can be leveraged during the warmer months effectively. The ideal way is to add it as an accessory to your regular power grid. To make the most of the solar power being generated, there are a few simple tips you can try, such as setting timers on your dishwasher and washing machine so that it operates during the daytime. Similarly, if you own a pool, make sure to run the pumps during the day. 

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The same can be done for an electric water heater as well. Simply ask an electrician to install a timer on the appliance and it will heat up only during the day. Of course, the best way to leverage this renewable power is to get solar batteries installed on your property. In this way, you can utilize its power at your own convenience. 

5. Switch to energy-efficient lighting

With LEDs becoming the norm in most households, traditional forms of lighting are becoming obsolete. However, on the off-chance that you are still using incandescent bulbs in your house, know that they are contributing heavily towards your inflated energy bills. They are extremely inefficient as they generate a lot of heat. Switch out these bulbs with something far more energy efficient, like an LED.

Not only is LED effective at converting electricity to light, but it also emanates little to no heat, unlike the traditional bulbs mentioned above. Moreover, they have an exceptionally long life when compared to an incandescent bulb. Therefore, it is an economic investment that guarantees savings in your energy bills.

To make the lighting even more energy-efficient, consider motion sensor lights or timers. In the case of the former, lights will come on only when you are in their vicinity, and in the case of the latter, the lights will turn off automatically at certain times, so you don’t have to check every room of the house. 

6. Leverage energy efficient appliances

Similar to energy-efficient lights, many appliances have also become outdated, and have more modern, energy-saving alternatives in the market. While it is fundamental to make the switch if you have decades-old appliances, even with relatively new ones, there are now smart and energy saving options that can save you a ton on your bills. Always check the energy rating of any new appliance you are purchasing. While a higher energy rating might mean more money upfront, it will save you a lot of money by lowering your electric bills in the long run. 

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So whether you are swapping out old appliances for new or are going for the latest upgrade, always consult an electrician before making the switch. They can help you out with installation and ensure that your electrical system is functioning optimally for the new device. Lastly, if you have multiple versions of the same appliance in the house, see if it’s possible to stick with one, as it can draw a lot of energy and can stealthily increase your bills. 


In closing, if you are concerned about reducing your inflating energy bills, then implement these 6 tips with the help of a licensed electrician, and you will see a guaranteed reduction in your expenses. Furthermore, it will also protect your home from hazards such as short-circuiting, fire hazards and more, which can cause significant damage if left unattended. 


1. Why should I hire a licensed electrician to lower my energy bills?

A licensed electrician is well-versed in your house’s electrical circuitry. Hence, they can guide you in terms of best practices to save energy bills, as well as find faults in your circuit that can be hemorrhaging money. Another way they can help lower your energy bills is by regularly inspecting your electrical system, as it is normal to see some wear and tear with time. But with their timely intervention and repair, it is possible to keep your electrical system running at an optimal condition and put a limit on your monthly energy bills. Therefore, it’s ideal to hire an electrician for this purpose.

2. What are some common electrical issues that can contribute to high energy bills, and how can an electrician address them?

One of the most common and terrible electrical issues faced by many homeowners is an electrical leak. This is a condition where electricity is not drawn towards any power source. Therefore, all that energy is not utilized and is wasted, but is still reflected on your bill. Since these can be challenging to identify on your own, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician to solve this issue. They will turn off all circuit breakers in your electric panel, followed by unplugging all the devices in your household. Then, when the circuit breaker is turned back on, it can be determined if your electric meter is showing electric flow even after all devices are unplugged. 

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3. Can a licensed electrician help me choose and install a thermostat that will save on energy costs?

A licensed electrician, especially those who are experienced with HVAC systems, is perfectly qualified to help you choose a thermostat for your home. Depending on your plans to use your HVAC system, they might recommend a conventional or a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is particularly cost-effective as it helps in auto-regulating temperature, and is also compatible with home automation systems. Lastly, since they are professionals who have carried out the installation of regular and smart thermostats numerous times, they are best suited to install thermostats on your property as well. Therefore, you get the best recommendation and hassle-free installation from your licensed electrician, ensuring lower energy bills in the future. 

4. Are there any specific electrical upgrades or improvements that can significantly impact my energy bills, and how can an electrician assist with these projects?

There are numerous electrical upgrades that can significantly lower your energy bills, starting from LED lighting to a smart home system. First off, LED lights are energy-efficient with a long lifespan. So swapping your old lights for LEDs is the first step to lower your energy bills. Next, you can opt for solar power by installing panels and batteries on your property. An expert electrician can install all these accessories in no time. Apart from these steps, swap out your old appliances with more energy-efficient counterparts. Your electrician can recommend the best appliances based on their energy rating to get maximum returns in the form of reduced energy bills.  

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