7 Simple Ways To Make A Small Living Space Feel Bigger

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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When it comes to property, small can still be beautiful. You don’t need to have a big house to enjoy a spacious and comfortable living environment.

And let’s face it, not everyone can afford a large palatial home either. So, whether you’ve just bought your first apartment or you’ve chosen to downsize your house for a smaller propertyit doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style and comfort. 

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Here are seven great ways you can make your small living space feel brighter and bigger. 

1 Look at the ceiling 

Paint or wallpaper your ceiling using a light-reflective shade. This will immediately make a room feel bigger and the walls taller. And, you don’t have to stick with traditional white. Why not try using a softer colour like light blue, grey or peach.  

2 Use a light colour palette  

Lighter shades are great for small cramped spaces as they reflect the natural light. In contrast, darker colours absorb the light making the space feel even smaller. The same rule applies to the flooring. Avoid dark carpets or wooden floors opting for lighter tones and materials. 

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3 Think about the furniture 

When it comes to furniture you have two options. One is to go for compact smaller-scale furniture. The other is to opt for fewer, larger statement pieces. The former works best in bedrooms or the kitchen. While the latter is perfect for living spaces.

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4 Go for Curtains

The most important thing is to hang your curtains high. So rather than placing the curtain rail by the windowpane, mount it as close to the ceiling as possible. Also, avoid dark coloured heavy curtains. Instead, choose a lightweight material, ideally in the same colour as your walls. Muted patterns and vertical shapes also help to create more height and space to a room. 

5 Don’t be afraid of using dark colours 

Yes, sometimes dark shades can help make a room feel bigger, if used sparingly and carefully. If chosen correctly, dark colours can recess. This means they create an optical illusion where the walls appear pushed back. This mainly works best in small spaces. Or when you need to place the furniture right against the walls. In these instances, using a darker shade on the wall can add drama and space.  

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6 Stage each room 

To create more space, move furniture towards the walls and try to leave as much floor uncovered. And, if you have natural light, take advantage of it by allowing a clear path to the window. Also, remove clutter and avoid overstuffing each room with things.  For instance, try to keep your shelves only 50 per cent full so there have blank spaces. This will create an airy feeling in the room and reduce the visual noise. 

7 Lighting is everything 

Don’t rely on a single light source. Instead, spread your lighting around the room. Focus on darker areas and use it to brighten up corners. Pendant ceiling lights are a great way to highlight the height of the ceiling. Or, go for tall floor lamps with small lampshades for the same effect. Hand up mirrors, which bounce the light— brightening up your room even more. 

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