Airy and Bright Casa Riemersa by Davide Volpe Architetto


Casa Riemersa is an architectural project that was completed by Bella-based architectural practice, Davide Volpe Architetto in 2013. This project is in fact a former Fila Sport factory that now severs as a private residence and is located in Biella, Italy.

The first step was to redesign the north side of the building because this part of the construction had been underground for years.

Several appendices of the house were turned into functional rooms: the anti-fire tank was transformed into a swimming pool, the old drain in stone is now a barbeque and the kitchen cupboard serves as a wardrobe for children.

Natural light floods the interior of the house all day long, constantly transforming the volumes and providing variable sensations in the home.

This contemporary house has been specially designed for a peaceful family life.

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