Aluminum versus steel restaurant chairs

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Owners and managers looking for outdoor chairs for restaurants and leisure areas always turn to aluminum furniture lines. From budget restaurant chairs to high-end business chairs, aluminum has always been a staple of outdoor furniture. Aluminum is strong, lightweight, economical, and relatively inexpensive. 

Hotels and restaurants looking for high-end commercial outdoor Restaurant Chairs have experienced the popularity of the “Restaurant Furniture Plus” outdoor furniture collection. The contemporary, aluminum-designed line offers armchairs, side chairs, bar stools, tabletops, and bases. The restaurant furniture plus outdoor chairs are of professional quality with solid welds, durable hardware, and heavy-duty aluminum. The chair is durable enough for rigorous daily use and strong enough to handle essential customers.

Outdoor aluminum restaurant chairs are the current trend

Aluminum chairs can withstand all weather conditions, which will be considered for many establishments as the hospitality area begins to reopen after lockdown.

Aluminum restaurant chairs for outdoor spaces are popular among many restaurants. Aluminum chairs are lightweight because the chairs can be stacked when not in use, providing an efficient space-saving solution when you can keep the chairs indoors overnight or when the cafe, restaurant, or bar is closed.

High-strength aluminum restaurant chairs are standard outdoor chairs used in many pubs, cafes, bars, and restaurants. However, choosing outdoor furniture and seating can be time-consuming and expensive, so many people choose aluminum chairs as they can be economical and cheaper.

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We have many aluminum restaurant chairs in various designs with or without arm options. So if you are looking for cheap aluminum chairs, we always try to keep a competitive price; look no further!

The best patio restaurant chairs.

As summer draws to a close, temperatures rise day by day, and we’re all looking forward to more outings. But many of us may not want to go out – much of the country is still in the grip of a viral pandemic – yet – we spend most of our time outdoors, particularly in restaurants. No matter the size of your outdoor space, a great patio restaurant chair can transform any patio, balcony, or terrace into a small shelter where you can spend hours eating, relaxing, drinking wine – or whatever. You can find the best patio restaurant chairs in various styles and prices. 

Steel restaurant chairs 

One of the reasons stainless steel outdoor furniture is more durable than most other materials is that it is heavy and robust. But, of course, all types of metal will be more durable such as wicker, resin, or wood.

  • Stainless steel furnishings won’t blow away during a storm rolling in.
  • Stainless steel restaurant chairs will not dent easily.
  • These chairs can stay out on your patio year-round because the weather will not adversely affect them.
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When you buy stainless steel outdoor restaurant chairs, you are investing for the long run. The only thing you will need to replace are the cushions – they will seldom wear out.

How to maintain steel restaurant chairs? 

One of the great features of stainless steel exterior furniture is that it is easy to care for. You can easily wipe it off with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. To collect dirt, add one or two detergent drops to the water, spray it on the frame of your outdoor restaurant chair and let it sit for a few minutes. After a clean wash, apply a thin layer of auto-liquid wax to protect the final coating. If your powder-coated stainless steel restaurant chair breaks, be sure to use a finishing product so that it will not be exposed to the weather. Note that the powder coating helps prevent rust. 

Steel restaurant chairs look good.

When considering the style of your stainless steel outdoor chair, this material combines well with contemporary designs. Stainless steel is relatively easy to transform into smooth and delicate shapes. When stainless steel outdoor chair frames are powder-coated, they can take on a completely different look with many color and texture options.

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Stainless steel exterior furniture is hard to beat for striking, durable, and well-looking pieces. Look at the possibilities by browsing our extensive showrooms or looking at all the inventory we’ve posted online. Isn’t it time to upgrade your luxury restaurant with stainless steel outdoor chair?

Materials for restaurant chairs

Most people choose outdoor furniture sets based primarily on the aesthetics and style of their restaurant, but before you fall in love with what the background looks like, think about how well it is worn over several seasons (and how much you want to maintain it). Some materials – such as wood – require annual maintenance to keep them in good condition, while other components can withstand years without any supervision. If you are not committed to regular care of wood and metal, problems with mold and rust occur in cold, wet areas, making resin, wicker, and plastic-resin construction more wise choices.

Wicker restaurant chairs

This traditional wicker restaurant chair has grown in popularity in recent years, with soft, basketlike materials everywhere, from rooftop bars to beachfront resorts to suburban backyards. “Wicker” itself is not a specific material but a knitting technique. Today’s resin wicker – also called “all-weather wicker” – is usually made from steel or aluminum wire wrapped in paper or plastic material. You want to find chairs made from high-density polyethylene wicker, not cheap PVC, which breaks easily. The material is lightweight, stain and ultraviolet-resistant, and exhibits exceptional tensile strength that keeps woven threads tightly woven. Unlike cheap PVC options, it will not stick to the skin.

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One of the reasons for the popularity of wicker resin is its ease of maintenance. Just wipe with a damp cloth or soap, or pull out the hose. This type of chair is most often used in sunrooms, patios, and deck areas. Companies sometimes recommend that these outer chairs be covered when not used to protect the plastic resin from UV damage, eventually leading to wear or tear. 

Where to buy the premium quality aluminum or steel restaurant chairs?

Restaurant furniture plus” provides various restaurant chairs with different materials, types, and styles, including aluminum, steel, patio, and more made out of wicker, leather, etc. So call us today and book your order!

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