Contemporary DLC House by Vanguarda Architects

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The DLC House located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was designed by Vanguarda Architects from a large white enclosing wall, which includes all the functions and is completely open to the backyard in order for the owners to enjoy the views to the lake and the landscape.

A stone folding wall provides the access and in the same time it separates the parking spaces, behind which the service rooms are located: laundry, storage room, pantry, service bedroom and bathroom.

The sculpture-like staircase connects the sitting room with the upper floor and is integrated into the dining room, which is meant for family reunions. The kitchen also includes an informal dining room or breakfast counter and a small family room.

On the rear façade you’ll find a projecting roof that comes from inside the glass façade and forms the gallery over which there is a terrace with panoramic view.


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