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Water walls are a great way to add a classy touch to your home or office design. They come in handy and offer a refreshing aura to your space. We all want to work in an office filled with life. That we don’t even notice time is running out. A water wall offers you that option. It not only adds a flashy edge to your space but also gives it a relaxing nature. Filling it with life. Over recent years, more people and businesses have adopted water walls to their spaces. They are not only used in outdoor gardens but have also been incorporated in indoor settings to offer a natural feel in houses. There are many indoor water wall fountain ideas that you can incorporate in your indoor space.

water wall

Wall fountain

Wall fountains are the most common water wall designs in homes. They offer a relaxing home feeling and are an attractive sight. Water fountains compliments deep woods and greenhouse walls. They also give a home a luxurious feel. Water wall fountains are associated with high-end homes.

Water walls and lights

Most suited for hallways and entryways. Water walls set in a place with good lighting bring the luxurious hotel feel right into your home. Good lighting compliments a water feature making it look classy and stylish.

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Water walls and lights

Room separation

This design is not exploited in many homes. A portion of the wall is taken out and fitting the space with a wall fountain. It does not take up any space but makes the place look more glamorous and edgy. The rooms are not closed off completely since a glass with flowing water is used to separate them. This design is creative, unique and artistic. Most suited for homeowners who are not afraid to try out new designs. They are also conducive for office walls since one can comfortably see what’s happening in the next room.

Window water wall fountains

Water walls designed near a window catch natural lighting. Light is reflected in the water fountain adding to the houses’ beauty. Most suited for homes with no extra space to put up a fountain. This ensures that no space is used and you still add beauty to your house.

water wall windows

Floor spaces

Although this design is not mostly used, it is a great way to incorporate a water fountain in your home. You don’t need to stress on getting a space for a water fountain. You simply use the available floor space to add a water fountain into your house. Floor water walls can be used to fill unused spaces such as below the stairs. It accentuates the entire look of the house and the staircase as well. The house looks more furnished and elegant with an edgy feel.

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There are various designs you can incorporate to water wall fountains in your home. As stated, water walls add an elegant look to your space and give it a natural look. A water wall feature can be easily incorporated to add a relaxing feel even in homes and no extra space is needed. Incorporate the indoor water fountain ideas that suit you.

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