Divorcing During a Pandemic: Getting Your Family Through Unchartered Territory

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Going through a divorce is physically, emotionally, and financially draining. When you add a global pandemic to the mix, the stress intensifies. The pandemic has ultimately altered finances, living arrangements, and lifestyles while heightening feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety, making it difficult to get through a divorce. From slowed court proceedings to flip-floppy emotions, ending a marriage during a pandemic is uncharted territory for most. If you’re currently going through a divorce, here are some practical solutions to make the process easier to manage. 

Evaluate Your Emotions (For Informed Decision-Making)

The chaotic nature of a pandemic is going to evoke emotions. These emotions can directly impact your decisions during a divorce. When you find yourself adamant about the divorce one day and hesitant the next, you must take a moment to evaluate what that means. 

For instance, did you develop lovey-dovey feelings for your spouse again because quarantining together has shown you a more passionate side of them? Or, is it the fear of being along during uncertain times that causes you to cling to them more? While answering yes to the first question might be worth exploring through conversations, therapy, and healthy changes in the relationship, a yes to the second question is selfish and temporary. 

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Consult An Attorney

Getting a divorce is legally complex and varies by locality. When you consider that most court systems are operating remotely, on limited hours, and with minimal staff, it only makes the divorce process more challenging. The best way to navigate these uncharted waters is to hire an attorney.

Divorce attorneys are educated, trained, and experienced in divorce law. They understand the complicated processes and can help clients get through them as quickly and conveniently as possible. They also have access to tools and resources like websites, appointment-setting software, chatbots, blogs, remote depositions, customer management platforms, and document signing solutions that make it easy for their clients to complete the divorce process without compromising their health. You may also want to consult with a divorce mediator if you are not ready to talk to an attorney.

Seek Therapy

The psychological impact of divorce on adults and children is more significant than most imagine. No matter what the reason for the breakup was, you must grieve. Coping with these emotions is often difficult to do alone. If you and your family are going through a divorce during the pandemic, it is strongly advised that you seek therapy. 

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A therapist can help you go through the stages of grief, identify unresolved feelings, find ways to evolve, and develop strategies to create a new normal that’s supports the wellbeing of your family. While going to a therapist may not be everyone’s forte, you can get support from friends, family members, support groups, religious leaders, mentors, and online communities. 

Be Patient Trust The Process

There is already enough going on in the world that you have to worry about. Don’t add to your frustration by being impatient and anxious about your divorce. Understand that this pandemic has altered all aspects of everyday life. Be mindful that there might be delays in communication with your legal team and rescheduling appointments in family court. As long as you’ve done your due diligence to prepare for the divorce, be patient, and trust the process. Stressing over what you can’t control will only add to your stress making other areas of your life difficult to manage. 

Develop Structure and Routines

Sitting around the house idle is the easiest way for overwhelming emotions from the divorce to take over. While the pandemic and the divorce have changed your routines, developing new ones adds structure, maximizes time, and boost positive emotions. Take the time to create a routine that adds organization and order to your current household. 

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While marriages are meant to last a lifetime, some couples, however, reach a point where they believe it’s best to divorce. As getting through this phase in your life during a pandemic will be trying for you, your children, and those closest to you, you must take steps to make things more manageable. By evaluating your emotions, consulting an attorney, seeking therapy, and trusting the process, you put yourself and your family in a better position to get through the divorce and pandemic to brighter days.

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