Mareterra Monaco: Eco-district on track despite pandemic

The luxe district, Mareterra Monaco, is on-track and set for delivery in 2025. Learn more about the $2.4 billion development, Europe’s most ambitious project.

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Despite the pandemic, construction on Monaco’s new eco-district, Mareterra Monaco, has remained on schedule, with the latest luxury land reclamation project on track for its 2025 delivery.

Mareterra Monaco is set to offer a new level of super-prime real estate. Investors will have the opportunity to purchase waterfront villas, an exceptionally rare find in Monaco, as well as luxury townhouses, penthouses, and sea view apartments.

The €2 billion project, billed as one of the most ambitious developments in Europe, will expand Monaco’s coastline some 15 acres into the Mediterranean Sea and offer super-prime real estate, alongside commercial space, a new marina, restaurants, lush green spaces, and a promenade.

Keep on reading to learn more about Mareterra, its progress to date, and how this spectacular sustainable development is set to transform Monaco’s coastline.

Mareterra Monaco: The development to date

Mareterra Monaco was first announced in the first quarter of 2013. It was initially called Portier Cove, before being renamed Mareterra in early 2020.

With strong eco-credentials, in the summer of 2016, preparations were made to protect local animal and plant species surrounding Portier Cove / Mareterra Monaco. Work by marine biologists included measures to save a protected species of seagrass, as well as the relocation of fragile corals to new sea beds. Three-dimensional printed reefs were placed 27-metres offshore, to provide a new surface for corals and crustaceans to attach to, as well as to help prevent coastal erosion.

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In 2017, dredging started, and in early 2018 the embankment placement began, with the first caisson from Marseille, France, installed in the summer. By July 2019, the caisson belt was completed, and by December 2019 the land surface of Marettera Monaco was complete.

As the pandemic loomed, the new-eco district was well underway, with the second phase of construction in full-swing; the development of luxury apartments, villas, townhouses, landscaped parks, and a marina.

Thanks to a fully compliant COVID-19 site, developers were able to keep the construction of Mareterra Monaco on track throughout 2020.

A spokesperson for Bouygues TP Monaco, the construction company leading the development of Mareterra Monaco, said that they had worked closely with state services to remain on schedule and ensure Covid safety measures were implemented.

“We received the necessary assistance and were therefore able to put in place an entire organisation with rigorous and effective measures to allow all the various operations to continue at Mareterra,” the spokesperson said.

Projects completed at Mareterra Monaco this year, include the Blue Grotto, which will allow guests and residents to peer some 12-metres down into the development’s caisson belt, and the Portier Cove Monaco roundabout, which has been acknowledged as the “nerve centre” of the eco-district, ensuring traffic in the principality continues to flow freely.

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Mareterra: Monaco’s first eco-district

Mareterra Monaco is the city state’s first eco-district, built to align with Prince Albert II’s aim for Monaco to be carbon neutral by 2050.

In addition to precious marine life being relocated prior to development starting, Mareterra Monaco will also boast the latest environmentally friendly technology, including solar panels, rainwater recovery systems, and thermal pumps. Indeed, renewable energy will provide an estimated 80 percent of cooling and heating, while 50 percent or rainwater will be re-used.

Encouraging what is known as “slow movement” in Monaco, Mareterra Monaco will be primarily a pedestrianised district. The use of sustainable vehicles will also be encouraged, with more than 200 dedicated electric charging stations and 600-metres of cycle paths.

Further, Mareterra Monaco will be filled with green open spaces and lush native foliage, including some 800 trees, offering not only shade, but a place for wildlife to thrive.

Mareterra Monaco: Luxury re-envisioned

Designed by award-winning architects, designers, engineers, and ecologists, Mareterra Monaco will set a new benchmark for sustainable super-prime real estate.

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Central to the design are the architectural firms, Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Valode & Pistre Architects. Valode & Pistre is one of France’s most esteemed architectural practices and are known for creating environments that embrace the natural world. Renzo Piano Building Workshop is a global architectural firm that was established in Italy. They have forged a reputation for developing open and contemporary designs.

Mareterra Monaco’s residential properties are designed to be light and airy boasting state-of-the-art interiors and designer finishes. Residents will also be able to enjoy a selection of on-site amenities, including spas, fitness centres, wine rooms, meeting rooms, hair salons, and swimming pools.

The marina will offer a vibrant hub for residents, with some 15 berths planned, surrounded by shops and restaurants, while Mareterra Monaco’s lush green spaces will provide the ideal spot for residents and guests to reconnect with nature.

There is no question that all eyes are on the principality with the ongoing development of Mareterra Monaco.

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