Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Up Your Backyard

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As seasons shift and you enter that spring period, your backyard probably needs a bit of cleaning. You have fallen leaves, overgrown bushes and debris all over your backyard and you need it to look like the garden you love again. 


Although cleaning your backyard can come with some significant labor, it is a rewarding task. There are things that you need to pay particular attention to that are quite important in the backyard cleaning process. By applying these principles, you will enter spring with a clean, healthy backyard that you will find spending an enjoyable time with anybody.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

What You Should Do

1. Do Think About The Result You want 

Before you start clearing anything out, have a careful think about the end result you desire. You need to apply careful thought to how you want your backyard to look when you are done clearing it out. If you start clearing out without knowing how exactly you want your backyard to look when you are done, you might end up ruining it for yourself. 

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The basic framework of your backyard should be based on the existing plants, trees especially. By making the existing plants the basis of your framework, you can have a clear idea of what you need to clear out and what you need to keep. 

2. Do Gather The Right Tools

Make sure that you have all the tools you need for the cleaning out job. The tools will be essential in naming sure that the job is done to perfection. You must also look at what you want to clear out before picking your tools because different material needs to be handled using different tools. 

One thing you will need to have is a wheelbarrow to assist you in carrying your debris from one place to the next. You are likely to be clearing out some heavy stuff and for that, you might want to use a heavy duty wheelbarrow. You can consider making use of power wheelbarrows from austter as they are able to carry up to a quarter of a ton and you don’t need to exert any energy when using one. 

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Having the right tools will allow you to execute the cleaning of your backyard well and they will make the job itself easier. Once you have your tools on hand, it is time to go about cleaning the backyard.

garden tools

3. Do Make A Compost Pile 

If you have a backyard that has plants in it, these plants will need all the nutrition they can get. If you have a garden, then chances are you are already spending some money on fertilizers for the plants in it.

While you are cleaning out your backyard, use the material you clearing out for your compost. Any leaves, grass and other materials you gather from plants will be great for your compost. It’s a win win situation for you because you get to clean your backyard and generate nutrition for the plants that remain in your backyard. Put those plant materials in your power wheelbarrow and get that compost pile going. 

4. Do Make It An Enjoyable Experience

Above everything, enjoy what you are doing. If you aren’t having fun while you’re at it, you’ll probably do a shoddy job of cleaning your backyard. Put your heart into the tasks you’ve set out and clean that backyard with a song on your lips and a bounce in your step. After all, you have your mini wheel dumpers doing all the heavy moving so what’s there to not be happy about? 

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What You Should NOT Do

1. Don’t Go In Too Soon

If you are trying to clean your backyard, winter has probably just ended and you are getting that yard ready for spring. Winter leaves the ground soft and wet and you want the ground to dry out a little before you start cleaning your backyard.

If you and your power wheelbarrow go stomping about in your backyard while the ground is stop wet, you might damage the ground and the plants in it. Wet ground is easily influenced by weight and you want to avoid create uneven ground in your backyard. You also want moisture to escape before you mulch your garden because excess moisture will create mold and kill your plants. 

2. Don’t Over Prune

To clean your backyard properly, you probably need to prune a few trees and plants. Pruning allows you clear out overhanging branches and create the shapes you want for your plants. 

However, when you are pruning, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Overprinting can end up stunting the growth of your plants. After you’re done cleaning your backyard, you want to remain with a vibrant environment that is occupied by healthy plants. Make sure that your pruning and clipping is enough to clean your backyard while giving your existing plants a good chance at survival. 

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The Bottom Line

Having your backyard looking pristine is an integral part of homecare. With the turn of seasons, cleaning your backyard will be necessitated. The most important consideration is how you want your landscape to look in the end and that will determine how you go about the cleaning process. Make sure you are properly equipped for what you need to do and remember that you are trying to take care of your plants, not destroy them. Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do, it’s time to get the cleaning going.

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