Probing Into The Construction And Features Of Buckwheat Pillows

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Originating in East Asia, buckwheat pillows became popular in the US and other countries as well. Just as the name signifies these pillows are made from buckwheat hulls. If you have no idea what these are then be informed that these are typically the outer casings of the buckwheat kernels. Yes, that is what these pillows contain!

There are lots of benefits of using these buckwheat pillows. These pillows are:

  • Firm
  • Flexible
  • Able to conform your head closely and
  • Good for support and comfort to you head, neck and shoulders

It is the specially engineered construction of the buckwheat pillows that allows you to sleep better facilitating in better spine alignment. This will alleviate pains and pressure points.

The different benefits

In addition to that, you will also have a good airflow while sleeping on them and temperature neutrality. There are also some other benefits when you sleep on them such as:

  • Due to the adjustable loft you can adjust the thickness by removing and adding hulls to it
  • The typical cotton or organic cotton covers make this a perfect eco-friendly option.
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Well, the Best Buckwheat Pillows may be a bit more expensive as compared to other ordinary pillows as these are hard to find but considering all the above mentioned benefits it will outweigh the high cost factor.

Benefits of its construction

It is the construction of these buckwheat pillows that gives it a more adaptable and stable surface, which in turn provides numerous benefits.

  • It is all due to the natural materials used in its construction that make these pillows suitable for the people who are hypoallergenic and allergy sufferers much unlike the pillows that are made from common materials such as down, latex, or feathers.
  • The special construction also makes these pillows extremely environmentally friendly, if that is what you are concerned of.
  • The special construction also facilitates superb air circulation and as a result helps in retaining very little amount of body heat.

You will be surprised top know that these pillows will also prevent and stop snoring if you experience such issues while sleeping. This is because the stable surfaces of the buckwheat pillows that will offer excellent support to keep your head upright and keep your air passage free to breathe easily.

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The concerns

However, there are a few concerns that you need to know about these pillows as well. Since it is constructed from natural materials, it may have some unpleasant odors.

  • The hulls are hard and durable that gives it a longer lifespan but at the same time makes it very heavy. An average buckwheat pillow may weigh nearly ten pounds and even more for a few specific models. It is therefore very difficult to move it when you adjust your sleep position.
  • In addition to that you may hear cracking sounds when use it for a first couple of times but it will stop after some time.

Apart from these negligible concerns, these pillows are the best, especially for the people who are back and side sleepers.


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