Elegant Baan Moom by Integrated Field

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Baan Moom is a house for a family of five, which was designed by Integrated Field and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a three-storey home, the functional spaces including one master bedroom with master bathroom, two bedrooms

and two bathrooms, a living/dining space, a working room, an open kitchen, a Thai kitchen and also a lap pool.

All the bathrooms of the house are positioned on the west side of each floor to protect the functions from the sunlight and also for hygienic reason.

Two types of corners can be found in this house: “individuals”, which are the ones that became bedrooms and “shared” that became open spaces linked to the stairs hall on each floor.

The main materials used in designing this house were steel frame, insulated glass and fishnet from the ocean liner.

Photos by Wison Tungthunya & IF

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