Elegant Garay Residenceby Swatt/ Miers Architects


The Garay Residenceis a remodeled house, finished by Swatt/ Miers Architects.  It is located in Tiburon, California and was transformed in 2005, according to the owners wish, into a spectacular site perched above San Francisco Bay, by adding an extra 2000 ft. to the property and also completing the renovation of the existing 3,200 square foot house.

Thishome is almost entirely opaque on the north side because of the physical conditions of the site. It features a particular design, consisting, among other things, in frameless glazing, pocketing glass doors, and dramatic cantilevered roof extensions that easilyconnect the interior space to the exterior area.

If you like keeping it simple and elegant, we recommend the Garay Residence!

Photos by Russell Abraham

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