Extremely Lush 4939 Manson Court in Texas

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You know those fancy postcards that you receive from your friends who always take fancy trips? Well, this following house it looks like painted on a postcard and sent by your rich friend who went in the United States. The residence is called 4939 Manson Court and is located in Texas, United States. Once you’ll see the house, it will haunt you forever.

It was not easy for such a dream to become true and in order for that to happen, it was necessary for several forces to be united: Mark Molthan-the builder, Robbie Fusch-the architect and Ashley Astleford- the interior designer. What’s your opinion now? Did they do great or what?

It was completed in 2011 and offers almost 30,000 square feet of living space consisting of 8 luxurious bedroom suites, nanny & guest rooms, an enormous garage, geothermal cooling and heating, an indoor basketball court and an underground media room. And as if wasn’t enough, if you take a peek you’ll see a fancy pool and a pool house.

Don’t let yourself intimidated by the price. $29,995,000 is not an obstacle, it’s a chance of making your dreams come true!

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