Fabulous Casa TB In Uberlândia, Brazil

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Designed masterfully by Aguirre Arquitetura and built in 2012, Casa TB is a modern masterpiece of architecture that can be found in Uberlândia, Brazil. Flanked by beautiful palm trees and a glistening swimming pool, this house is a perfect place to come home to since it ensures a high degree of privacy, comfort and luxury.

Starting off with the outdoors, we observe the massive swimming pool that we mentioned earlier as well as comfortable lounging chairs and palm trees that arch in the wind. The entire courtyard features artificial illumination placed in the ground, which highlights the trees as well as the pool in order to create a spectacular atmosphere.

Inside, the ground floor features a large public space that includes the kitchen, the dining table as well as a few sofas and chairs that can be used for socialization or relaxation. This area is linked to the main living room and boasts large glass doors that slide in order to blur the limits between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The bedrooms and the living room are beautifully furnished and decorated, but the main bathroom is definitely in a league of its own. This intimate and luxurious place is flanked by 2 glass boxes that house exquisite forms of vegetation, but the Jacuzzi tub and the large flat-screen TV also deserve a mention.

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