Fabulous Estate In Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Built by Braham Contracting on a 147-acre lot in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this fantastic residence costs just $7.1 million. The house itself flaunts 13,350 square feet of living space and comprises ten bathrooms, seven fireplaces, eight balconies and six bedrooms. There’s also a guest suite on the third floor, which measures 1,700 square feet and has its own rooftop deck.

At the core of the house, the residents are able to enjoy access to a superb two-story atrium that boasts large windows as well as a hot tub with a matching fountain and a sitting area. The estate itself impresses with numerous bridges, water features, carefully trimmed gardens and a teepee camping area. The seven garages match the architecture of the main abode and comprise living spaces for staff members or visitors.
This home is so amazing that it was actually featured in CBC’s Heartland series.

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