Massive Beverly Hills Compound Costs $195 Million

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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We all know that Beverly Hills is one of the most affluent cities in Los Angeles County, California, but it’s still quite impressive to hear that one of its compounds hit the market for no less than $195 million. The property in question includes 25 acres of land as well as a sumptuous villa that offers 53,000 square feet of living space.

Dubbed Palazzo di Amore, the villa was built by a real estate investor named Jeff Greene over the course of eight years. Apart from the mansion itself, the property also boasts an entertainment area that occupies 15,000 square feet.

Accommodations comprise 23 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms, each featuring numerous high-end amenities, high quality furniture and amazing decorations.  As far as entertainment is concerned, the future owner of this lavish home will be able to throw memorable parties thanks to the rotating dance floor and large 128-foot reflective swimming pool. There’s also a spa as well as a home theater with enough seating for 50 people.


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