Forget LA and New York: These Are The Most Affordable Places To Live in the USA

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Many people love the idea of living in a big bustling city like New York or Los Angeles, but it isn’t always financially viable. These are among the most expensive places on the planet, and it can cost thousands of dollars a month to live there. 

While some people make enough to cover the costs, others can’t afford it and need to look elsewhere to settle. There are plenty of other larger cities that are among the cheapest to live in the country, which have the same amenities as the bigger metros. 

We take a look at the most affordable places to live in the USA.

Palm Bay, Florida

This coastal city has an endless amount of things to do for visitors and residents. It’s known for its many natural preserves and parks. There are several bicycle racing tracks and paintball fields where you can enjoy an adrenaline-filled afternoon. 

You’ll find plenty of waterfront dining establishments and shopping opportunities. The rental prices are very reasonable for a seaside town. The houses might not be as luxurious as the beach homes in Santa Rosa, but they’re comfortable enough to allow you the coveted life of living by the sea and not break the bank. 

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It’s the city life with a touch of peace that comes with living by the ocean. 

Affordable Places

Boise, Idaho

This region has a lot to offer, including numerous work opportunities and a lower cost of living. The community is close-knit, and it provides a host of outdoor activities. It’s a big draw for young families as it’s considered one of the world’s safest cities

The city encourages entrepreneurship and has a do-it-yourself culture, making it a haven for creatives and small start-up businesses. Furthermore, it has a booming tech industry, and new talent flocks to the town to find the ideal work-life balance.

The business environment in Boise includes the healthcare and technology sectors. The city has something for everybody. When you have some spare time, you can go hiking in the foothills, watch a football game, or go floating on the river.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This town may be small, but it sure isn’t quiet. Living here will save you on housing costs, transportation, utilities, and healthcare. It’s home to the William Carey and Southern Mississippi Universities. You’ll also find the largest National Guard training base east of the river. 

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If you’re a cultural person, you’ll enjoy the various museums, theatres, and galleries dotted around the area. It’s not a huge city, but it does enjoy close-knit communities, entertainment, and several cultural venues. It’s also a relatively short drive to some of the best casinos along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Affordable Places

Dallas, Texas

Even though Dallas isn’t the cheapest place in the US, it’s still much more affordable than New York and Los Angeles. If you’re always wanting the authentic hustle and bustle of a city and don’t want to pay a fortune, then this is the ideal place to live. 

It’s home to the longest rail system and has plenty of public transport in the form of trolleys, rideshares, and buses. It has a balance of everything from culture, business, sports, and cuisine. 

Considering the size of the metropolis, you might expect property prices to be high. However, that’s not the case, they are undoubtedly expensive areas, but there are also many affordable suburbs.  

If apartments are more your style, you could check here for some inspiration. The average income in the area is generous, which makes up for the real estate and rental prices.

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Final Word

The perfect place to live would be one that caters to your needs and falls within your budget. When looking for an affordable city to call home, you have various options that you can consider. 

If you enjoy the smell of the sea or like to be by a river, then Palm Bay or Hattiesburg are ideal destinations. When looking for a place that has a booming technological economy, consider Boise. If you don’t want to leave the city life but still need to cut costs, Dallas is the perfect town to settle in. Who says LA and NYC are the only places to live?

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