4 Great Handmade Arts to Decorate Your Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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When you own a home, you want to make it your own. There are several different ways you can do this, but one of the best is to decorate your home with art. While you could go out and buy some mass-manufactured art, why not find (or make) some great handmade options? 

This could be pictures, paintings, sculptures or a wide range of other pieces of art. Being creative can be great for stress, in addition to simply getting you some great home decor. They are sure to look great, be a great conversation started and add some real uniqueness to your home. But with many options for personalised handmade art for your home, how do you choose?

With that in mind, let’s go over 4 great handmade art ideas that you can use to decorate your home.

Handmade Portraits 

Pictures and paintings are a staple in the home decor world. They can add some personality to your home, cover the blank walls and show off your preferred style. If you want your rooms to truly shine, consider adding some handmade custom pieces to the wall, instead of art you might buy off the shelf.

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You can make this art yourself, or hire someone to create a wonderful customized piece for your home. Even if you don’t personally know an artist, don’t worry, there are options out there for you. There are websites out there that can connect you with talented artists who can help you out.

With these sites, you can find some ideas and be confident that, with your direction, they will be able to create stunning one-of-a-kind pieces of art. This could be a family portrait, a picture of your dog or anything else you could imagine. These handmade portraits or pictures can also make an incredible gift for others.


Another great option for decorating the walls of your home is with tapestry. They can come in a variety of different sizes, and in a near-endless amount of designs. It can look incredibly on any wall, and can really tie together a room.

In addition to traditional hand-woven tapestries, you have many other options for using hanging fabric as decor. You can color or draw on a tarp, can create a tie-dye pattern on an old sheet or simply pick up some fun frames to hang some fabric with unique designs on your wall. Even some things like old area rugs and blankets can be repurposed to look great hanging on a wall.

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A Gallery Wall

Handmade Arts

A great choice to really make a room pop is to have a gallery wall. This is all about having a single wall with many different pieces of art or decor on it, similar to a wall in an art gallery. You can hand-select different paintings, drawings or photos to be combined into one wall-spanning piece of art. You can follow a theme such as color or subject, have an abstract wall and even potentially create the art within the gallery yourself.

While gallery walls are often decorated with photos, painting or other art, there are a variety of other options available. You can use cork art, porcelain plates, garlands, mirrors and many other items to create a gallery wall, as well.

Hand Lettering Signs

It is growing more and more popular for people to include signs and/or quotes as decor in their home. Whether it is “Live, Laugh, Love” or another, there is a good chance you have seen them. But instead of going out and getting a generic quote or sign, why not make your own?

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It could be a favorite quote, the last name of your family, or a variety of other choices. In addition to choosing the type text on the sign, you also have a lot of freedom when it comes to designing it. You can control the size of the sign, the colors, and even the material of the sign itself. Also, the good thing about using a sign instead of painting or stenciling on the walls, you can easily take down or move the sign if your tastes change over time.

We hope that this article has been able to inspire you to create or pick up some beautiful handmade art to decorate your home. Whether you opt for handmade paintings, tapestry, a gallery wall or lettering signs, they can all help you take your home decor to the next level.

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