How to Decorate with the Old School Hollywood Style


Hollywood style is bold. It is distinguished by dramatic romance and extravagance and is the style of the rich and famous.

The style appeared in the 60’s stands out through a classic line with modern and minimalist details. The velvet is the star among the materials used, along with many other glamorous items such as impressive chandeliers, mirrors and shiny objects, in general. Such an arrangement of the house expresses luxury and sophistication.

What do you need? A minimalist list would consist of the following: silk, satin, velvet, mirrors, footstools, furniture with metal parts and accessories, carpets.

Rely on contrasts. The colors that must prevail in order to create a Hollywood style are white, black and beige. For a touch of color, do not hesitate to add red, pink, turquoise, ruby or yellow.

The materials used are shiny. So, choose silk, satin and velvet.

Mirrors are a vital part of the style. Use them both for the walls and for decorating your furniture. In tune with mirrors, use large and bulky chandeliers designed from glass or crystal. For the rooms in which you want to place lamps, opt for the ones made of glass or for some in the predominant colors in the room.

Regarding the furniture, opt for more details. And last but not least, take into account the fact that the furniture must be lacquered, oversized and impressive. This will create a theatrical effect that characterizes the style.

Don’t forget about the accessories for your décor. Use pillows for the sofa and chairs. A few colored decorative paintings will fit perfectly, and the metallic finishes for the furniture and the gold and silver vessels will create the glamorous Hollywood image.



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