Luxe Architecturally Exciting Residence In Stockholm, Sweden

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The superb private residence dubbed Architecturally Exciting can be found in a prime location in Stockholm, Sweden, on a street called Brahegatan to be precise. Featuring exceptional views of the city as well as modern and comfortable living arrangements throughout, this home is undoubtedly a perfect place to call home.

Interior highlights include exquisite décor elements based on art pieces and natural plants, but we should also mention the high-end finishes, high quality furnishings and impressive lighting arrangements that are based on small spotlights.

Hardwood floors, large dining tables, a spacious wine cellar and a terrace that can be used for barbecuing or sightseeing are also a part of this unique and beautiful home. You can admire it all in full by browsing through the following images.

Photos by Wrede

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