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Cottage style décor ideas are great inspirations for your home space décorA popular design style isle synonymous with cottage décor styles like open floor plans, wider doorways and halls, a beautiful garden, and homey patio, and much more. Cottages are usually structures and designs take-backs from the old era with a dash of modernity for more efficiency.

Whether you own a cottage or are inspired by its quaint and charming décor ideas, cottage decor ideas and style are perfect models for maximizing space and giving your home space that touch of charm and that feel of cottages are typically small-styled houses that are usually old-fashioned buildings that are charming and just perfect for that holiday you have been meaning to go.

Cottages are charming, modest, and give off a comfortable and cozy feeling of home. Cottages are popularly associated with holiday homes as they can be used to refer to various terms depending on the region and culture. cottages are also referred to as cabins, chalets, or even camps used as a holiday or free-time dwelling.

Cottages are usually built of logs and other woods. It is also situated near a lake or generally close to the water with amazing scenery. Cottages are also great investment properties, as they and contrasts being used as Bed and Breakfast for stop-over travelers or a great vacation retreat for those looking to relax and unwind.

Most cottages are single-story, two or four-roomed structures with an attic for storage; which can also be converted into a bedroom. Cottages are usually built in an ideal location near pleasure and leisure activities like fishing, hunting, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Cottages are built in the most attractive area, are commonly used by city-dwellers or anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They are best used as vacation homes, retreats, and summer houses you so desire.

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Cottage style decor



Cottage design style usually embraces the use of a light color palette and neutral colors like whites, greys, oatmeal, and beige; which is used to make the room or space feel spacious and larger than it is. The interior design for cottages mostly comprises neutral base colors that help give the space an airy and cozy feeling. The key element to decorating a cottage is to complement the neutral walls with a mix of patterns. Neutral colors reflect natural light so add cautiously selected bold wallpapers to the mix for that fresh look, this has to be done cautiously as bold design can give your space a cluttered feel. You can experiment with designs without going overboard by adding your personal touch here and there.


Fabric and patterned textiles are a must. In cottage design style, all patterns and stripes are welcomed, add a mix of floras. The challenge is for you to perfectly create a balanced color combination with these styles. This is evident in the curtains, drapes, rugs, and other fabric-related elements. The use of well-patterned fabrics and stripes contrast adds texture to the design and contrasts to the neutral-colored walls and rusty design.


A wooden floor can be used to give a perfect and interesting contrast to the light and neutral walls of a cottage. You need to use scatters and furniture to add visual depth in the case whereby the color of the wall and floor are of a similar shade. Refurbished, reclaimed and weathered painted wood are essential features of cottage décor and design. Wood furniture can also help add contrast to the neutral color of the cottage without having to add different colors. White shiplap paneling is another great cottage design idea that is popular for external cladding. Wood is a natural element that is a classic look for most cottages, and you can never go wrong with it.

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Cottage style decor


Cottages are usually homey spaces that tell stories of the old era and those who have lived there in the past. Weathered vintage antiques from different design periods and times, are essential to cottage designs to create that sophisticated and relaxed style. When choosing furniture, do not shy away from getting furniture and items from different eras, however, mix and match them to a unified color scheme or material like brick, wood, and metal.


In a space whereby you are trying to maximize space multi-purpose furniture is a perfect idea. Furniture that will perform a double kind of duty in form and function. Couches that fold into a bed, desks, and more, a table that doubles into an ottoman. This kind of double function or multi-function furniture will help with the décor as well as help you save space. This supports the minimalist idea of functionality in design.


Another cottage-style idea is bunk beds, as this will help maximize space as well as create themed bed space areas for children. This is where vertical design comes into play. Another design choice common to cottages is the loft bed. This also performs the function of maximizing space.


The use of plants and garden flower helps accentuate the natural elements and creates a unique quaint style. Well place beautiful floral pieces on the kitchen table, different vessels and flowers whose bloom will help create that rustic cottage feel is a sure choice for cottage décor ideas. Even in contemporary designs, the place of a well-placed vase of flowers in bloom just creates that refreshing feeling to your space.

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Cottage style decor


This is also an essential element in cottage décor style. It creates a welcoming effect to your home space. You can add a swinging chair with amazing plant decorations like a pot of seasonal flowers or greenery. The porch is an extension of your house making it equally important. Many are now moving their hosting events to the outside of the backyard. The porch and patio are the first things visitors see when they visit you, so it is important as you know that first impression matters.

You can very well create a comfortable corner to enjoy your morning tea or coffee, or even for relaxation. Most are opposed to the idea of metal decorations when it comes to the porch or patio, mainly because the weather can make it quite uncomfortable. Make use of wooden chairs and furniture to help give that crisp and comfortable look.

Cottage style decor


The use of heritage wall art pieces that accentuates the charm of cottage style design is quite essential, as it helps captures the essence of the design period and further adds to the warmth of the home space. The use of flora and fauna prints of the 19th century can be used to add a refreshing color to harmoniously complement the design. Most forget the importance of well-placed wall art in interior décor, but the fact remains a piece of wall art can bring the entire design together giving it a perfect finish.


What is a cottage without a beautiful and well-placed fireplace? A well-placed fireplace aside from its primary function, adds a sense of warmth and romance to the décor. Nothing says homely like a plum armchair and a warmly lit fireplace. There are different fireplace designs you can consider for your cottage décor design and style.

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Cottages are known for their natural comfort and charm. So why not add cottage-style ideas through your home space and create that warm and cozy feeling? One of the most intriguing aspects of cottage design is the natural simplicity and almost minimalist design style.

Cottage style ideas are all about preserving the original feature of the home design period or era and utilizing it to create a cozy, warm, and homely space. cottages are homes with unique characters that are awash with historical items. Cottage décor ideas take inspiration from nature surrounding the structure like plants, and an eclectic mix of handmade antiques.

Cottage style decor

Cottage décor ideas can be used for any home space design. However, it is most effective for small houses. It will help maximize space and also add a warm and charming appeal to space with few well-placed essentials. This décor idea will help utilize functional and aesthetic elements that will improve the small space without giving it a cluttered look.

Cottage décor ides are another way of decorating with natural elements that are inspired by the outdoors. Even in contemporary design, the elements of nature still shine through in our décor.

There are ways you can easily incorporate into whatever design choice. Even though we all want our homes and spaces to reflect sophistication and class, we tend to forget beauty and class in simplicity, and that antiques and rusty design styles do not equate to old and ugly. Learn an appropriate way to create equal balance in our design by combining the old era with the new and modern for more efficiency, and within your budget.

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