How to Decorate a Vintage-Style Home

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If you like vintage stuff and you want to use them in order to decorate your house, you can do it very easy. Old things can be mixed with new ones and the result will be amazing.

Decorating the house in the vintage style is not for everybody because only those who love old things or the mix between old and new will agree with it.

This type of interior design includes old things combined with modern gadgets, such as the computer, a part of the furniture and the lighting system.

Vintage tables, the armchairs and the old desks give a special charm to the rooms, providing the sensation of comfort and calmness.

The combination of things that wear the patina of time with the shiny and laminate ones is a happy one, although you would not believe it until you see it.

The interior design resulted is a warm one, which speaks about grandma’s house without being outdated.

An old closet next to an improvised table, on a laminated floor, besides a new couch, can be installed in a student’s room, in the house of a bachelor or even in the home of a young family.

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The arrangement and the decoration using the vintage style will turn your house into a retro universe, a special, mysterious and nostalgic ambience. In order to create it you will need to harmonize various elements: colors, materials, textiles, furniture and decorative elements.

The vintage style is associated with the term of old but in the same time means quality. Is the style of the period between the 1920’s and the 1970’s, which comes back in fashion and in home decoration.

How to choose the colors?

For the walls you must use neutral colors such as gray, gray-vert or white. For the accessories you can apply to vivid tones like purple or mustard yellow. To sustain the effect of the colors you can also add orange spots.

How to choose the textile materials?

First of all you have to concentrate on cotton fabrics and natural materials. You can opt also for silk wallpaper with a floral pattern, matte or transparent curtains and drapes, thick and fluffy carpets that attenuate the noise. It will be necessary to combine and blend carefully the colors and the textures.

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How to choose the furniture?

The appropriate one would be the solid wood furniture with precious insertions and with prints of the time. It’s pretty hard to find it and very expensive. With a little bit of luck we can use our grandparents’ furniture which can be reconditioned by specialists.


How to choose the decorative objects?

These will also be in accordance with the furniture, the colors and the materials. Instead of lusters we will choose chandeliers. The candlesticks will be made out of iron. The mirrors will have opulent frames painted in gold. The paintings or the black and white pictures, the old books, the embroidered tablecloths, a natural fur thrown in front of the chimney and a diffused light will complete the retro atmosphere which creates the vintage style.

For a warm and comfortable décor you can arrange your bedroom in the vintage style. For that, it’s important for the room to be airy and to include few furniture elements. The bed placed in the middle of the room, covered in floral bed linen will cheer up the room. For extra color, you can opt for the drapes to be colored just like the sheets. The old chairs and the solid wood nightstands, highlight even better the vintage style in your bedroom.

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One of the characteristics of this style is the simplicity. So, in order to decorate the kitchen you can let yourself guided by the concept. The closets that you saw during your childhood in your grandma’s room, with stainless steel handles and also the colored faience give the kitchen a joyful and calm air. For extra color, you can choose printed drapes with flowers, animals or geometric shapes.

To arrange your living room in accordance with the vintage style, the basic elements should be the frills.  A showcase with frills will be the focus of the room. For your own good humor you can add colored armchairs and couches. Also, you can opt for a design in complementary colors, so the atmosphere will emanate romance and tranquility. Reconditioning and using the old furniture pieces are needed for arranging your home in the vintage style.

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