Fraser Residence in Westboro Village, Canada

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Fraser Residence is a beautiful two-story residence situated in Westboro Village, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Christopher Simmonds Architect designed the house as juxtaposed and interweaving volumes that define the exterior and the vast interior. A very important material in this project is glass, which allows natural light to flow into the house, and blurs the inside-outside boundary.

The garage was placed into the lower level, to allow space for the elongated porch. The building blends into the landscape due to the stained cedar siding, earth-toned brick, and dark bronze aluminum glazing, which create a neutral exterior palette. The interior is characterized by the contrast between the white walls and the dark oak floors. The simplicity of this house enhances its elegance and luxury.

Photos courtesy of Christopher Simmonds Architect
Source: ArchDaily

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