Great South Perth House by Matthews McDonald Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The South Perth House is a special project designed by Matthews McDonald Architects for a couple, and is located in Western Australia, in a narrow area that offers panoramic views of the Swan River and Perth City.

The actual construction is new and built using steel framing, on the area where another house with defects was demolished.

The result is a home that takes complete advantage of the views and provides connection between the indoor and the outdoor space. It was also taken into consideration a certain level of flexibility because the home is used during different seasons of the year and the couple is often visited by family and friends.

The construction is defined by the masonry walls which are a very important part of the podium and backbone necessary for the steel and glass boxes, and the boundary walls that contribute to completing the external space.

In order to make it as economic as possible, the building was equipped with passive systems and active systems such as photovoltaic collectors, rain water harvesting, mechanical shading devices and hybrid air-conditioning system.

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