How to create Souvenirs in a House built for You?

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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A house is more than four external walls with various rooms inside. It is a place where life happens, every day. It is probably the most important location that a family or a couple will ever have. And so, you need to be able to keep souvenirs of it, from the moment it is being built, and the various renovations it will go through. Here are a few ideas to help you accumulate memories, in unique ways, that you will share forever will your loved ones.

Shoot a Time Lapse of its Construction

If you want to recall the joy of having your own house built, there is nothing as powerful, emotionally, than to follow a construction with a time lapse camera. These walls, that are being raised, will house you and your loved ones for years to come. It is almost like the birth of a child, that you will cherish forever, watching the images, as they skip from one to another, creating a movie of the whole process as it comes out of the ground. Not only is it really cool, but it also shows you the work that went into it. Not owning a time lapse of the house that you bought on plans is really a shame, as you will be missing out on one of the most important moments of your life: The time when the walls protecting your family were being raised.

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Let the House record Your Souvenirs

A house is meant to reflect your life, not only to be an object where you head to, every day after work. It should be able to record memories that you will look back on with tenderness. It may seem trivial, but recording the growth of your kid on the wall, at every birthday is quite significant to those who do it. For parents, it is a record of the time that went by, when they raised their kids the best they could. And for children, it is a proof that their parents really cared, and that they showed it to them, every change they got. It place in full light an attention to their life, which is one of the physical reproductions of this thing we call “love.” 

Take lots of Pictures

It is true that today we tend to take pictures of everything we see. However, that usually happens when we are away from our house. Taking pictures of every event, inside it, will enable you to see the changes, as you look back them through the years. It will create these moments where someone says: “That was before we redid the living room,” as an example. People do remember their lives through the growth of their house. It is a significant partner, that remains with us (in many cases), throughout our whole childhood. There are no other moments as significant for a family as the first years of our lives together. By taking pictures often, we will record our relation with its walls and the atmosphere that reigned inside it, as something beautiful and unique, to those who lived inside.

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