How to design a relaxation room in your home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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The way we’ve used our homes has changed significantly over the last few years, with the likes of hybrid and remote working coming to the fore and spaces within our homes becoming completely dedicated to our work.

Home offices are the norm, which begs the question. Where exactly do you relax?

Relaxation and destressing is such a vital part of any home, but it’s becoming harder to find within it, during a period where more of us are suffering from stress, mental health problems and battling addiction than ever before. Which is quite the problem, isn’t it?

While help for those things is available and should be taken outside of the home, such as seeking counselling or finding a reputable drug rehab, it’s finding that consistent calm at home which is so, so valuable. 

That means creating spaces in the home that will give you such calm. Relaxation rooms are becoming more popular and they’re designed to offer that tranquillity a person needs, that escape away from work or the stresses of life.

But how do you create one? Well, first you need a space that is available to transform in the first place, and from there on in, it’s about the three key ingredients…

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Use Calming Colours

Firstly, you need to use more soothing colours in the space. The colour needs to bring peace to the room and not be so sharp on the eyes. It’s a place you’re going to spend downtime so you don’t need to use colours that evoke productivity or excitement, you need ones you can almost drift off to, like soft pastel shades like lavender or beige.

Comfortable furniture is a must

Is there such a thing as calm and uncomfortable? We’re not sure there is. Think carefully about your furniture and the type of furniture you want in the room. It needs to offer comfort so you can spend hours reading a book, listening to music or simply having a little doze.

Overstuffed armchairs are always good for this, as are sprawling sofas. The dining chair, or benches, on the other hand – less so.


All the senses need to be covered off here and smell is such a big part of that. Smell is so important in creating a relaxing atmosphere and there are plenty of fragrances and candles you can get to ensure that’s the case. 

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The last thing you want is the evening’s dinner wafting through into the room, so pick up a few candles and light them before entering your relaxation room to transport you to the perfect escape. Again, lavenders, vanillas and nothing too strong are perfect for this.

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