How to Find a Buyer Fast for Your Kansas City Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Selling a home isn’t always a piece of cake. If you are not in a major hurry to upgrade or downsize, struggling to find a buyer isn’t an issue, but if you are desperate to move or pay off your debts, you probably need to find a buyer sooner rather than later. In this article, we have some tips to help speed up the process if you want to sell your Kansas home fast.

Kansas home sales fell by 8.2% in January 2019. This figure is slightly higher than the national average of 8.5%, so sellers can’t afford to rest on their laurels if they need a quick sale. Thankfully, prices have remained reasonably resilient, so all is not lost!

kansas city
kansas city

Curb Appeal

Before you even think of putting your home on the market, conduct an honest assessment of what needs doing and how it looks to potential buyers. Asking a friend or relative for help is useful for this stage of the exercise.

You live in the property, so you are probably immune to the many little things that need doing or catch the eye (and not in a good way). Someone else will view your home with an objective eye. They’ll see the scuffed paintwork in the hall and the weeds poking through the broken fence on the perimeter of your property. Ask for a full and honest appraisal so you can make a list of jobs that need doing.

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Tackle this ‘to-do’ list with gusto. Sure, it may feel like you are throwing money away by replacing a worn-out carpet or fixing a new side gate but think of the expenditure as spending money to make money. Fixing problems that might put off a potential buyer will make selling the property a lot easier. People tend to steer clear of homes that look neglected. They assume that if you couldn’t be bothered to keep on top of the minor maintenance chores, you probably won’t have spent any time tackling the major jobs.

Stage Your Home

Home staging is surprisingly effective if you want to find a house buyer fast. When you stage your home, you’re not just selling a house – you’re selling a lifestyle. Professional home stagers don’t come cheap, but you can do a lot of the hard work yourself.

Declutter your home and remove most of the personal items. Leave only a few choice pieces, nice artwork, ornaments, and a selection of interesting books. Rooms should be bright and airy, with a few choice items of furniture that show off rooms to maximum effect.

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Think about your target buyer when staging a home. If you’re hoping to attract families, make sure the bedrooms are staged to suit children and the backyard is family-friendly.

Clean and Tidy

It should go without saying that a clean and tidy home is far more attractive to buyers, but not all sellers pay heed to that piece of advice. Do a deep clean before putting your home on the market. Remove all traces of dogs and cats – pet smells are guaranteed to put off buyers.

There are always options when you need to sell a home fast, so don’t despair. You will find a buyer!

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