How to Keep a Concrete Driveway Looking Great For Longer

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Although several materials can be used to construct a driveway, a lot of people choose concrete over the other available options. Concrete is both durable and attractive and, best of all, it requires minimal maintenance and care to keep it looking fresh. However, your driveway can still get damaged and once this happens, the repairs can be costly. To preserve your concrete driveway for as long as possible, here are some tips to help protect it from damage.


Clean and Apply a Sealant

Cleaning your driveway and applying sealant are great practices that can keep your driveway looking great for longer. The frequency of cleaning and resealing the driveway will depend on a lot of factors, notably the weather as well as how much the driveway is used.

While you can clean the driveway every few weeks, a sealant should be applied about every two years. You can also reapply the sealant when you notice signs of wear. You can find great commercial sealants at hardware stores, and you can buy them from concrete suppliers.

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Remove Stains

Sealants do protect your driveway from absorbing stains, but it is always a good idea to clean any oil, grease, and gasoline from the driveway. Pressure washing and using the right cleaning chemicals will remove most stains while preserving the driveway.

Avoid Harsh Deicing Chemicals

While de-icing chemicals can be great for asphalt and other types of driveways, they should not be used on concrete driveways. These chemicals can cause damage to the driveway’s surface by causing accelerated thawing and freezing. Chemicals that contain ammonium sulfates and nitrates should be avoided because they react with the concrete chemically and break it down.

Good alternatives include rock salt and calcium chloride, although these should also be used according to the specified instructions to avoid harming vegetation. If your driveway has just been laid, you should avoid any de-icers and instead pour some sand to get the traction you need.

Ensure it is Installed Right

One of the best ways to ensure your driveway lasts as long as possible is to have it installed right the first time. Whether you need a new driveway or are replacing asphalt or an older concrete driveway, having it done right increases durability. Professional concrete driveway installation companies like Richfield Concrete install concrete driveways the right way to ensure that apart from durability, the driveway offers other benefits such as improving your curb appeal and giving the kids additional space to play.

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Check Maximum Weight

Although concrete driveways are very strong, they are not supposed to support very heavy vehicles. So, if you drive a heavy truck that is often loaded, check that the driveway can support all this weight to avoid damage.

Even though concrete is a very strong and durable driveway construction material, care has to be taken to minimize damage and ensure the driveway keeps looking great for longer. Fortunately, what is required to minimize damage requires little effort and can be easily done by all homeowners who have a concrete driveway.


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