Termite Control Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

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Maintaining a home is more than just giving it an occasional coat of paint or sweeping the driveway. If you want to look after your home and retain its value you’re going to have to spend some tile considering pests. 

Termites are one of the biggest issues in many parts of Australia. A mixture of warm dry weather and wooden buildings creates an attractive environment for any termite. Considering an average size colony can consume six inches of 2×4 wood in five months you’ll want to deal with any infestation as soon as possible.

To help you stay in control you’ll want to know the following termite control tips.

Get Yourself A Bait Trap

Termites work together, some build the colony, others hunt for food. This can be used to your advantage. A termite bait trap is designed to attract any termites living within your house. It’s a simple box with a few cellulose-based treats that termites enjoy. The termites take the treats and feed the colony. In the process, they’ll mark the trap as a safe place to get food. 

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That’s the great thing about termite bait traps. When the food starts to disappear you’ll know that you have termites. You can then replace the bait with poisoned bait and the termites will take it back to their colony, effectively killing the entire colony.

Wood Piles

A great way to keep termites away from your home is to make sure there are no woodpiles near the house. Any stack of wood will attract termites and other pests. If this stack is closer than 20ft to your home the termites will likely travel the extra distance and enter your home. 

Concrete Surround

Termites may live under your home but they still need to pop into the outside world. They do this via the soil around your home. You’ll know you have termite activity if you spot lots of tunnel entrances around your home. 

You can eliminate this entry and exit point by concreting the edge of your house. Ideally, you’ll want it to be several inches deeps and at least half-a-foot wide. 

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Look For Moisture

Termites, like most pests, need moisture to survive. If you deprive them of moisture they won’t be interested in staying in your house! Check your drains and gutters to ensure there are no blockages, these will allow moisture to sit.

Additionally, turn off all water appliances inside your home and take a meter reading. Take another reading an hour later. If it’s changed and you haven’t used any water then you have a leak. You’ll need to find it and fix it before it attracts termites and an array of other pests. 

Treat Your Wood

It is possible to get a wood treatment that you can apply to the wood in your home and it will prevent the termites from being able to eat your wood. It’s best to talk to your local expert regarding which treatment you should use. 

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