How to Maximize Your Outdoor Garden Space

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Your own private outdoor space is a wonderful thing to have. It’s like your own slice of nature that you can enjoy any time you like. And while some people may have large sprawling yards where space is of no issue, others are working with much smaller yards. If you have a smaller sized yard and you want to maximize the space, there are some steps you can take. These will help ensure that every piece of that outdoor space is used to it fullest potential.

Downsize Your Outdoor Furniture

While garden furniture can often be big and bulky and make a real statement, for those with smaller spaces, this isn’t ideal. Although it will make a statement in terms of décor and style, if your furniture takes up all the available space, it will feel cluttered and far from welcoming. A good tip is to not worry so much about what is trending in outdoor furniture at the moment and instead focus on buying pieces that fit your space. This will instantly add a sense of style and luxury, and yet maintain as much open space as possible.

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Make Use of Storage Solutions

Another way to maximize the space outside is to make use of all types of storage solutions. This can include such things as under deck storage, decorative storage bins that double as seating or tables, garden sheds, and more. The more clutter you can store away from plain sight, the more open and spacious the area will feel. It also allows you to better use the available space.

Keep Your Garden, Trees, and Shrubs Well Groomed

Outdoor spaces are made all the more enjoyable when you add natural beauty in the form of flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees. Even a small outdoor space will benefit from natural greenery. The problem with natural greenery is that, without adequate grooming, they can get very large, very fast, and end up encroaching on large portions of your outdoor space. The simple solution is to make sure you stay on top of grooming and clipping so that everything stays compact and clean-looking. It’s always best to also use chicken fences from trusted suppliers like to keep wildlife out and protect your growth. Experts also suggest you think vertically, meaning you should choose plants and trees that are compact and grow in height rather than width.

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Stick to a Single Surface Material

If you plan on building a deck, patio, or walkways, it’s a good idea to pick one material and stick with it throughout. This will ensure the space flows and doesn’t look broken up. When a space all flows together, it just naturally looks larger and more open. If you can’t stick to one material, then you at least want to choose a single color that is carried throughout.

These few tips are sure to help you maximize your outdoor space and give you the kind of yard that you’ve been missing out on. It’s all about creating your own slice of nature that you and your family can enjoy whenever you like.

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