Top Tips When Choosing Flooring for your Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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There is an abundance of different floor products available to choose from. This can make it hard to know what is best for your home. Especially as, once it is put down, you won’t want to change it. The good news is that the following tips will help you to choose the perfect floor for any room in your house.

Consider The Traffic

Entry points to your home will see significantly more traffic than other areas of your home. This means the floors are more vulnerable in this area. You will want to go for something durable, such as tiles that are hard to damage. You can also opt for a hardwood floor which can be protected with a rug and looked after.

In fact, hardwood floorings such as this herringbone flooring Sydney, is a great option for your living room as it creates a beautiful effect, is durable, and can be sanded and waxed again to remove damage, if necessary.

Moisture levels

The more moisture a room has the less desirable it is to install wood flooring; Wood absorbs moisture and expands, ruining the smooth lines of the floor and potentially warping it. Of course, modern wood floors are designed to resist moisture to a point. 

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But, it is worth considering how much moisture a room normally has and whether a type of tile may be a better option. 


Hardwood floors are surprisingly warm to your feet, as are carpets. Tiles are not. You need to consider how warm a room is and how often you walk around without shoes or slippers. The more often you do this the less likely it is that you will want tiled floors. In cooler weather, they will quickly drop the temperature of your feet which has a knock-on effect on the rest of your body.

Have You Got Pets?

If you have pets you need to consider what floor works best for them. Again, hardwood floors are a good option. Although it is possible for an animal to scratch the floor, these can be sanded out easily. In contrast, carpets give fleas a place to breed and pets generally struggle to get traction on tiled floors, making it hard for them to run around the house.


It must be said that hardwood floors are generally more expensive than any other flooring option. However, hardwood floors are also more durable, making them a cheaper option in the long term. You will need to consider how much money you can afford to spend on your new flooring, this will help you narrow down your choices. 

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Your Personal Style

Don’t forget that you need to live in the house. That means choosing a floor that you love and will enjoy seeing every day. There is no point in having the most practical option if you hate the look of it. Take the time to consider which floorings appeal to you the most. It can help to look at friend’s houses to see what flooring they have chosen.

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