Iconic Breezehouse by Blu Homes

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Only an hour away from Blu’s state-of-the-art West Coast Factory, the Breezehouse was completed in January 2012 by Massachusetts-based prefab maker Blu Homes. Located in Healdsburg, California, its fabulous design was conceived in order to create a special, elegant and harmonious place that could offer its owner a pleasant environment.

The craftsmanship of the architects made everything possible by using qualitative and eco-friendly materials, clean and fine lines, high ceilings and wary storage systems to create a nice, spacious indoor compass.

If you’re the kind of person attached to his warm, cozy home, then the Breezehouse is just the kind of perfect and addictive house that is now on salestarting at $540,000 ($585,000 in CA and Canada)!

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