Magnificent AL Rio De Janeiro Home Near Pedra da Gavea


Featuring amazing views of the distant ocean as well as irreproachable living arrangements, AL Rio De Janeiro is a jewel of a home perched at an elevated location near Pedra da Gavea, Brazil. The residence was sketched out by a Brazilian studio called Arthur Casas, whose experts made sure that it would feature sumptuous, spacious interiors as well as exceptional outdoor entertainment facilities.

Built at a staggering cost of $213 per square foot, this abode was created using the highest quality materials, and it boasts no less than 5,200 square feet of living space in total. With floor-to-ceiling glass panels at its front and rear, the residence can be linked to the outdoors effortlessly. As far as accommodations are concerned, the master bedroom is found on the third floor, while the ground floor includes housing arrangements for the house cleaner and gardener.

The entrance for the guests is situated at the second floor, which is connected to a superb swimming pool that benefits from breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding environment.

Photos by Fernando Guerra | FG + SG

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