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One of the most incredible and uniquely-designed hotels in Bogota, Colombia is the Click Clack Hotel, which was completed in 2012 by a team of experts from Plan B Arquitectos. The project architects for this amazing establishment were Federico Mesa and Felipe Mesa. The building offers 48, 437 square feet of space, and it was designed masterfully in order to comply with the elaborate restrictions of Bogotá.

The layout impresses with slimness and verticality, and it involves 4 open facades. Since the vehicle access was placed at the same level with the pedestrian access, the entire hotel was able to receive an extra level dedicated exclusively to rooms, which is a great plus considering that there were not so many levels available. The rooms are spacious, tastefully decorated and outfitted with high quality furniture pieces, while the windows are generous and offer great views of the encircling urban environment, especially since most of them extend from the floor to the ceiling.

Apart from the rooms themselves, the Click Clack hotel also flaunts common social areas that are placed at the basement level and are illuminated by skylights.

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